Round-the-Clock Rumble: Le Rouge Film Redscaling EXTENDED


We are happy to announce to everyone that we are extending the Le Rouge: Film Redscaling rumble!

We are happy to announce to everyone that we are extending the Le Rouge: Film Redscaling rumble!

Click HERE to go to the original post.

Extended deadline details are now as follows:

Sunday, September 21 2008, 24.00 Vienna Time

Get your shutter-happy fingers clicking and develop as soon as you see the light of day!

We apologize for any misinterpretations of the current theme. For those who have already submitted and would like their entries void, please leave a message at the original thread HERE

For further concerns, please consult our Rumble FAQ

P.S. It would greatly help us in the future if everyone would take a few moments reading the submission details carefully. The rumble details might have variations from time to time. This is so we could have a constant variety and keep everyone guessing! :D

Rest assured, more good things from Lomography are coming your way!

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  1. larslau
    larslau ·


    Thanks. I'm definitely trying this out tomorrow!

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    RED SCALE!!!! WOW! I'm so fucking excited, I'm scanning my first red scale roll now and the result it's so cool at my eyes! Thank you guys for make me do this great experiment!
    I'll upload my 5 soon.

  3. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    not sure if this will give me enough time for developing... bu i'll have a go anyay :)

  4. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    i was irritated by the title. le rouge. and so i thought redscale means all tones of red and is not a certain technique...
    still sorry for that and i immediatly told yyou to delete my submissions
    sorry for that double- work...!

  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yeah!!! So will have the time to try my first redscale film right this afternoon!! Just finished the "returning" operation, I'm ready to shoot now!! :)))

  6. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    thank you for accommodating all us whiners!! i was about to give up because time is running out. i was going to try, but i think i would have come up short by about 5 hours. yippee!!

    @superlighter - I enjoy your potty mouth language! ha ha...

  7. 7samurai
    7samurai ·

    Power of People


  8. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    boo hooo! red scale :)

  9. brendend
    brendend ·

    hmmmm maybe i'll try this asap :} i wish i didn't have to work m-f, otherwise i'd be out shooting all the time!

  10. larslau
    larslau ·

    Just loaded my new FED 5B with a reversed film...WOO!

  11. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    It's A great Rumble but....
    I'm not sure how I feel about extensions, maybe more realistic deadlines would be good for everyone especially when it is a little more obscure than normal and then there wouldn't be blind panic and mistakes and feelings of being left out.
    It's not something I needed to worry about on this particular rumble and I know there have been times when an extension would have helped, even if it was just to find the correct file on the hard drive!!! Maybe I'm just wishing I'd shot specifically for it.
    Some great pics up tho.

  12. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    ... "and develop as soon as you see the light of day!" you expect everyone here to have a one hour lab or something speedy gonzales like this near. i just have a drugstore near which needs at least one week for development. sad but true. but i will try this experiment although. i like this kind of red on the photos. cool idea.

  13. larslau
    larslau ·

    I've just shot my first rool of redscale. And of course the film broke inside the camera. Luckily my developer could take the camera in his darkroom and take out the film...

    I can't wait to get the pics... (:

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