An Early Instant X-Mas Tree


Don’t have time to buy a X-Mas tree and want to get a Lomo-Style decoration? Go to a friend’s house during X-Mas time, take pics of their tree and build up your own with an “instant touch”.

Why spend money to get a new artificial or real X-Mas tree? You can get an “instant” looking one by using your Lomo camera and a bunch of instant shootings.

1. Find a friend that is famous builder of beautiful X-Mas trees
2. Go there with a small present and ask him/her to make some shootings to the tree.
3. Use your Diana F+ with the telephoto lens or the Closeup lens in order to get some closeups of the X-Mas balls and the top decoration of the tree.
4. Clip together the instant pics with a tree-shape and that’s it !!!

written by peteparker on 2010-12-06 #gear #tutorials #instant #tutorial #x-mas #tipster #decoration #diana-f #diana-instant-back #fuji-instax-mini-single-pack


  1. eleonora-analogue
    eleonora-analogue ·

    This is just and epic idea :D even tho for more holidays

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Hahaa, cool tree..<:))

  3. yopanic
    yopanic ·

    really cool idea...

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