With Krab and Submarine @ Aquarena, Hungary


I have made the absolute waterproof test with two underwater cases, Krab and Submarine, and jumped and slid down with LC-A+ and Fisheye 2 everywhere it was possible.
Conclusion: Both cameras and cases are really robust and the results are fantastic, unique, unusual, and burst with colors and fun!

Because the weather for the week to come was supposed to consist of rain and coldness, a couple of friends and I decided to spend the last sunny day in a water park in Hungary.
Said and done, after three hours already we arrived at Aquarena, on the outskirts of Budapest (by the way, the F1 “Hungaroring” is located beside the Aquarena).
To capture all the fun we had on the last sunny day, I was equipped with Fisheye and Submarine as well as LC-A+ and Krab and 4 Films.

Our first impression of Aquarena was a little disappointing, because the terrain seemed to be pretty small.
But the more we came around in the water park, the more slides were discovered and in the end, a day was almost too short to utilize all the attractions often enough.
There were not a whole lot of people around on that Friday, so we really got our money’s worth for the 20€ ticket – sunburn included.

I really took my cameras to each and every attraction: No matter if I was on the kettle- or kamikaze-slide, a 3-meter-divingboard or floating tyres: Krab or Submarine always were with me.
Result: The underwater cases are really worth their money and, of course, 120% waterproof.
The cameras are held tight in the case and so it’s no problem for me to throw them 3 meters down or take a header into the water with the camera in front of me.
Sometimes, the supervisors look a little surprised, but that only makes the fun grow!

Each of the two cases has its advantages/disadvantages:
- ) While the Fisheye manages every picture to get pin sharp because of the wide-angle-lens, you don’t have any control over the distance settings once the LC-A is in her red submarine ’Krab".

-) The LC-A exposes every picture perfectly, while the fixed aperture/shutter speed of the Fisheye curbs you a little. Also, you should choose the right film: even with the sun shining bright, the ISO 100 film seemed to be too dark after I’ve looked at the negatives. I would, in any circumstance, recommend you to go for an ISO 400 (or at least 200) film!

-) A huge advantage of the Fisheye/Submarine is, of course, the flash!
Even in completely dark slides, while or after sunset or at night/naked swimming, you get great pictures (but I’m not going to show them to you).

-) Because of the wide-angle-lens of the Fisheye, self-portraits are easier and more harmonious; overall, you can capture action you’re involved in yourself more easily due to the wide-angle-view.

-) For one-of-a-kind-results, the LC-A still is irreplaceable. Crossed slides out of all films turn out to be way better with the “Queen of Lomography” – the fisheye, which holds gaudy colors and an abnormal perspective anyway, is almost too much.

No matter which underwater case you go for, both have a right to exist, do their job faultlessly and give you wonderful, extraordinary results.
If I had to give away one of them – I wouldn’t know which one it would be.

In the end, here is the homepage of Aquarena, which I really recommend to you for funny sunny days:


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  1. sergio_m
    sergio_m ·

    oh man, why cant i live in place like that :D

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Really good review and great pictures.

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great stuff ! : )

  4. juliagulia
    juliagulia ·

    great article! I've been to aquarena too, and it's a great place... oooh, I wish it was summer,:(

  5. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Wow nice pictures!

  6. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    excited to take my Krab out for the first time - i never really saw a reason to get a fisheye camera (already have the lens for the Diana) but this article convinced me to rethink my logic! great photos!

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