France à travers une lentille (France through a lens)


My time in France with my fisheye number 2 and the numerous photo opportunities

After being to France on a couple of occasions I found that now was the time to take my amateur photography skills to the wide world. Having been there before I had an idea of the places that I wanted to photograph due to the absolute grandeur of the country. There are some absolute picturesque views of the French countryside, fields of sunflowers, hay bales, potholes and of course animals. I know for certain that these pictures will remain in my head forever.

The area of France that I stayed in was just a little south of the city Royan, so there were great photographic opportunities to take advantage of. I wanted to make use of the wide angle lens on my Fisheye number 2, and what better way to expose this than taking photo’s of ‘Le Grande Cote’. (The big coast, however you want to translate it, you get the jist, it’s big) It runs across western France and is huge. There are some beautiful sand dunes and some stunning World War two bunkers. It goes without saying that you must take advantage of these and shoot the camera. However unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photo’s of the bunkers, but I promise, when I return I will. A great way to capture the bunkers would be with a panoramic shot, as you would get a great depth of field. You could also pull some great arty shots with a negative film or a Kodak Ektachrome.

‘Le Grande Côte’

There are some old towns around the area also, there was one place that I loved, which is a small village called Mornac. Mornac is in a slightly raised position, and s situated on the banks of the Seudre River, which is just north of Royan, and there is a beautiful estuary, with- what look like- old washed up boats and quaint little jetties. Mornac is a medieval village with narrow streets so you can imagine the photo opportunities, I’ll leave that one to your imagination!

Playing about with lights at a nearby church

This is only a small taster of my visit to France, I could honestly write for hours with the amount that I have seen! The only way to see these eye popping areas is to go yourself! Now grab your camera and get snapping! ‘Snappy, snappy’


written by johnskagg on 2010-10-05 #places #location #travel-destination


  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    thanks for sharing! Fisheye No.2 is a perfect travel friend :)

  2. johnskagg
    johnskagg ·

    Thanks for taking the time to look man! Take it easy :)

  3. benb
    benb ·

    i live in the opposite coast ^^

  4. johnskagg
    johnskagg ·

    Sweet, where abouts do you live? France is a stunning place to take photographs! You take some great snaps yourself!

  5. benb
    benb ·

    Near Bordeaux. Many of my shots was taken in the oppposite coast of Royan at Montalivet (beach). Thanks for your kind word ^^

  6. johnskagg
    johnskagg ·

    Cool man! Yeah loving your shots, they're really good! Keep them coming :)

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