New Season! Time for some Plastic Surgery

Are you itching for a change? Now is the best time – a new season calls for an update! Give yourself an analogue makeover and indulge in our plastic camera lineup. For every purchase of a plastic cam we’ll toss in a free roll of Klick film!

Change Yourself

It’s a new season and we understand how important it is to look your best. Strolling through the park, along the beach, or down the promenade, you want to turn people’s heads for the right reasons. Might we suggest some plastic surgery? Plastic surgery the Lomography way…

Our plastic cameras are the must have accessories for the new season, with an extensive range of colours and styles tailored to brighten up your look even when the sun has disappeared. We’re so proud of them that we’ll even throw in a free roll of film with every camera purchased. I mean if you’re looking this good, then you’ll want to take some photos. Just make sure they’re not all self portraits!

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The Catwalk

So we thought it was about time to give a few of our much-loved cameras a bit of a facelift. After all, even the best models benefit from a bit of nip and tuck occasionally. So ladies and gentlemen, place your eyes on the catwalk as we parade our colourful new beauties.

Fisheye 1 Colours
Turn some heads with these colourful new Fisheye No.1s, available in red and blue. So what will it be,
Mr Anderson, the Red or the Blue?
Shop for the Fisheye Red | Shop for the Fisheye Blue Pearl

Fisheye 2 Pink
Mesmerising, vibrant, eye-catching. These are just some of the words critics are using to describe
our Fisheye Pink. What can we add? Well, she certainly is pink!
Shop for the Fisheye 2 Pink

Diana Mini White
Don’t let her innocent new look fool you, beneath that white cloak, Diana Mini knows a lot more
than she lets on.
Shop for the Diana Mini White

Diana Mini Petite Noire Package
Welcome to the Diana Mini’s dark side. Same features as usual, but with a generous smattering of je ne c’est quoi.
Shop for the Diana Mini Petite Noire

The Old Favourites

Of course, not everyone likes change. Watching, slightly jealously, from the wings, are our tried and tested old favourites. The Holgas, Dianas, and multi-lenses all still know how to work it. If you like a more natural
look, then check out our extensive range below.

FREE roll of film with every plastic camera
We want you to be able to enjoy your brilliant new cameras straight away, which is why we’ll throw in a
free roll of Klick colour negative film with every camera bought. Browse the Lomography shop.

Offer valid: 4th – 10th October 2010

Bundles of Fun

Can’t decide which of our plastic fantastics you like the most? We sympathise. They are all brilliant after all. So rather than worrying if you’ve made the right choice, why not combine all the cameras with one of our bundles, and save yourself up to 15% while you’re at it!

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  • Plastic Fantastic Standard 2Shop
  • Plastic Fantastic Standard SupremeShop

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