Kodak EPP 100 ISO


An extremely excellent film for cross processing!
With extremely beautiful natural color!
But it is extremely bad that Kodak discontinue producing EPP!

I’ve bought this Kodak EPP film from a color lab near my house in Guangzhou before I went to Beijing. Actually I always use my favorite E100VS, but this time because I heard that this EPP isn’t in production line anymore, so I think I should try this film before I don’t have a chance.

This color transparency film features high color saturation and dependable neutrals with skin tones. And this film also produces vibrant colors and a versatile emulsion makes your pictures look great even though you shoot them with flash, it really gives neutral color balance with flash. But there are some noticeable grains in the pictures.

With cross processing, the photos look extremely good!!! It is very bad to know that now Kodak is ceasing production of Kodak EPP, so this is your last chance to try this film before it disappears from this world.

written by phiphu on 2010-12-29 #gear #review #100 #epp #ektachrome #kodak #user-review


  1. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    my favourite film in kodak family. but sadly i cant find any in Singapore. :(

  2. romy6571
    romy6571 ·

    do you use Kodak Ektar?

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