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A day at the world’s biggest trade fair for photography and imaging industries. This year in 2010 over 1200 photographic and imaging suppliers used the space in cologne which offered about 200.000 squaremeters to introduce new and present amazing products, both for professional and consumer imaging… One of them was the Lomographic Society International!

On Wednesday September 22nd 2010 my alarm went off at 4.30 and I left the house about half an hour later.

All just to make sure I won’t miss my train that would take me from Stuttgart to Cologne! I was worried I’d didn’t make it thru the day because I of course didn’t sleep enough but the excitement was too big, once I arrived at my destination for the day. I entered the trade fair at about 10:30 am.

Although I have an interest in all different kinds of photography, techniques and cameras the main reason I decided to go was of course Lomography. I was dying to see the Lomowall they created for this event!
So my first goal was to find the Lomobooth what turned out to be a little harder than I thought but after a few small circles I finally found it. The analogue Oasis in the middle of the digital pandemonium :)
I went back there a few times thruout the day and it really felt like going to the beach for a day, away from the city and all its business!

The lomo wall was stunning and I was really happy when I found some of my photos in the european section. It all made me wonder how long it must’ve take to built the whole world in photos…
I really enjoyed having the chance to talk to some of the people who make all this magic happen that I’m so addicted to. Also seeing the some of the faces that we all know from the film/camera packagings and lomobooks was fun too :)

AND on top of it all they were indeed giving away 1000 free cameras!!!! I mean how cool is that

While spending almost half the day in the Lomoworld the other half I walked around checking out all the other companies and what they had to offer. The whole fair was dominated by yellow nikon bags that they were giving out for free. Their whole campaign strategy was pretty well done, great slogans, really good video presentations and you could win stuff too but I didn’t and didn’t see anyone win so it was one of those one in a million chances I guess which by far isn’t as much fun

Canon on the other hand had a huge area too with cute little origami(-like) installations. Of course everyone wanted to see and hold the high models 5D, 2D and 1D. it was too busy for me so I really didn’t spend much time there…

I made a stop at Hasselblad and was as always amazed by their 500 line. How cool is it to have a beautiful and top of the notch quality camera that you can use with both, a digital back and 120 film!!! All if you’re willing to have a camera instead of let’s say a car… Even though I was too shy at first but the Hasselblad people were very nice and convinced me to try their H4D-40. They came up with a runway setting and models to create an old french fashion atmosphere which I tried to capture with this heavy tank of a camera. But I think I failed lol

They pretty much all had some good ideas and settings to try out cameras and represent their products, sony had a rhalfpipe with skaters and bmx riders and Kodak had a huge touch interface installed.
I just wish they had brought more film, some did but clearly it wasn’t meant or expected to get much attention…sad.

Aside from all the commercial art there was a very large and I must say nicely done gallery area with so many beautiful photos you could spend a whole day there alone!!

Shortly before 6pm, I had been walking/standing around almost all day I went back to the Lomobooth one last time and sat down in one of the comfortable deck chairs they had and just enjoyed the whole setting before I had to leave… along with the sun shining thru the big glass rooftop they they had the perfect music to just rest, enjoy and be happy. I was.

If you can come to the next Photokina in two years, it’s so worth it!
And thanks to everyone at Lomo! you guys are amazing :)

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  1. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    Awesome! I wish Photokina had been closer to Hawaii. :3 I just had two Location articles published.

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