The Camberwell Gumwall


Is it Art? Is it Vandalism? Opinions are divided on the Camberwell Gumwall. What do you do with your chewing gum when it has lost it’s flavor? In the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell is a wall that answers this question, or at least it does for the youth of the area!

This then raises another question: Is it Art, worthy of protection or World Heritage listing? Or is it disgusting vandalism that should be stopped and removed.

Local Business owners complain and want it removed. The council has attempted to cover it over on occasion, but painting over lumps of chewing gum doesn’t do a good job of hiding it!
Others claim it is an evolving work of art, and no doubt there are many hours of chewing invested in its creation. Some of its fans have (with tongue firmly in cheek) called for World Heritage listing; I doubt however, that this has gone any further than a Facebook group and local newspaper article.

So as you take a stroll down the little alley, make up your own mind. But be warned, if you choose to add to the growing mass you could be charged with littering. A nasty $113 AUD fine might be your new souvenir!

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  1. brettac
    brettac ·

    looks delicious :P

  2. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    hahaha eww, but cool for taking photos!

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