Count to Three for Russian Photography


The Russian Guide to Photography

The Russian Guide to Photography

+Step 1, 2, 3 (the Russian Deadstock Way)

+A Fantastic Film Fare

+The Deadstock Debonair


+Lomography x Photojojo Photo-tip Rumble!

+Winner announced! Threadless T-shirt Design Comp


When it comes to photography, the Russians are certainly in the know. From its classy design down to its sexy mechanics, Russian cameras – Deadstocks in particular – are still much in demand despite the changing times. For beginners, we’ve got the pocket-friendly point-and-shoot cameras; intermediate users, take your pick from the rangefinders; and for the advanced users, we suggest the professional SLR cameras. Count one to three when you’re ready, baby!

Step 1: Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Before going into full-blown professional Russian photography, get to know these easy-to-use, easy-on-the-pocket lightweight champs!

Smena Symbol

Shoot from the hip with this point-and-shoot classic! The ‘Triplet’ glass lens guarantees high contrast, deep colors and sharp images. Weather symbol exposure guide makes it easy to achieve the right exposure by selecting the correct shutter speed represented by five little weather icons (sun, partial sun, cloudy, very cloudy, and stormy). So easy and pretty!


Smena 8m –

Enjoy gorgeously-colored, sharp images with this ‘70s-‘80s Smena superstar.


Step 2: Rangefinders

Ready to step up from the easy-peasy? Then get ready for the rangefinders – you’ll love the overall vintage feel from these Leica/Contax-inspired Deadstocks.

Kiev 4

The Kiev4 is a stunner. More than its devastatingly good looks, fans love its reasonably quiet shutter. The killer combo of clear depth-of-field scale on the lens and a 9cm-long rangefinder base guarantees accurate focusing – so you get sharp pictures every time!


Fed 3

Equipped with the M39 mount and rangefinder design, this smooth operator resembles the Leica screw-mount series.


Step 3: SLR Cameras

Strong, sturdy, sophisticated. Total control and manual settings. Certainly these Russian SLR cameras are for the bold and the brave. Are you ready?

Zenit 11

Clad in black and robust-looking, this all-metal, mechanical workhorse means business. It has a built-in adjustable lightmeter, a depth-of-field preview, and can accommodate all M42 lenses.


Zenit E

One of the most popular cams in the Zenit family, the E model was the SLR version of the Zorki rangefinder camera.



For every step along the way, surely you’ll need to stock up on film. Check out these pocket-friendly deals!

Fuji Velvia expired 100/36

5pack – 20 eur/usd

10 pack – 35 eur/usd

Save up to 23%!


The Lomography x Photojojo Show-Us-Your-Mojo Photo-Tip Rumble.

Are you the type of photo geek who likes to dip your film in bleach, make pinhole cameras out of soda cans, or simply open your shutter on a moonless night and run wild under the stars? If so, we have the perfect competition for you!

Our good friends at Photojojo – The coolest photo projects site we know – are teaming up with us to present you with the Show-Us-Your-Mojo Photo-Tip Rumble!

Read more!

Threadless Loves Lomography T-shirt design grand prize Winner!

As you may remember, a couple of months ago, our friends at Threadless ran a competition called Threadless Loves Lomography where the mission was to submit a T-shirt design based on the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography.

We are proud to present the winning design by Sebastian Guadarrama from Los Fresnos, Mexico. Congratulations, Sebastian!


Now that you’ve caught the fashion bug, check out these other great t-shirts in the shop!

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    1, 2, 3
    one, two, three
    eins, zwei, drei

    now after counting to three, will i win all products? :D

  2. brendend
    brendend ·

    mmmmm i have yet to try out my smena 8m - it didn't come with the take up spool so i've been too lazy. still love the fed 3, though!

  3. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    i want my camera collection to GROW GROW GROW!!!

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