The New Diana Mini Petite Noire


Look who’s back, and all dressed in black – the Diana Mini Petite Noire! Like the original Diana Mini, this clone produces radiantly dreamy 35mm pictures in two formats – squares or half-frames.

The Diana Mini is Back in Black

Not long after the Diana Mini White showed us the light side, another irresistible Diana Mini special edition comes tap dancing out of its hideout. Small and sleek, just like its cute predecessor, but this time the Petite Noire’s decadent dark appeal brings a new bittersweetness. Ladies and gents, we bring you the enigmatic Diana Mini Petite Noire.

Taking dreamy images with this little black beauty is no mystery – simply load it up with any kind of 35mm film, and start snapping up half-frames and squares with ease. And because black never goes out of style, the Diana Mini Noire package includes the Diana Flash Black, so you can beam some coloured light into your shots.


  • Stunning and classic in its all-black look
  • Pocket-sized, lightweight, and cute
  • Uses 35mm film and standard development.
  • Two formats to choose from, in just one flick of a switch – Half-Frame Format (can take up to 72 shots in a 35mm roll), and Square Format
  • Easily shoot multiple long exposures
  • Includes the Diana Flash Black and coloured gel filters

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Perfect Diana Mini Matches

Step out of the shadows and let your Diana Mini Noire’s classic beauty shine. These accessories will perfectly complement and enhance its looks and talent!

NEW! Diana Mini Case – Protect your precious Diana Mini in this convenient bag. Made of environmentally-friendly vegetable-tanned leather. 15% off when bought with the Diana Mini Noire package!


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    mochilis ·

    I want it!!!!!!

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    Très mignon !!!

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    i loooove it!! i want one!!

  6. jefprice
    jefprice ·

    How can I not love this! Looks like another Lomographic centric post at NecessaryCool to me! =)

  7. metzgor
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    i want it too!!

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    nang raget....

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