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Just before this month ends, let’s get to know what it is actually going on around lately here at the Lomographic Magazine that’s making you and everyone to endlessly talk and buzz about your favourite articles!

We already know how you’ve been enjoying and tirelessly reading every magazine article we have here, but have you been clicking that ‘like’ button properly? You really should by now, because it’s that time again where we give rewards for the this month’s significant selections which are all chosen by our most loyal readers – you!

Location of the Month: panelomo

Like all the greatest and sweetest things in life, everything has its end and nothing can get away with it. if you think of it closely, you’ll realise how bleak of a future you’ll have, let alone the current stale existence you’re having. But then, Jay a.k.a. Panelomo never failed to look at the lighter shade of the situation and instead he gave us a very sentimental yet very inspiring perspective of how to deal with sappy endings and new beginnings which he revealed in his latest Location report – an homage to a place he’ll surely miss.

Film Review of the Month: domyblue

In a land of shoot-from-the-hip snappers and a swarm of cross-processed hypersaturation, there are those who are bravely going against the usual path without losing their own integrity towards the analogue ideologies. Take the case of Domyblue’s experience with this obscure film from the Far East which unexpectedly gave refreshingly brilliant results and charming natural hues at the same time!

Tipster of the Month: jblaze823

Lomowalls are all the rage again here in Lomography, now that it’s more improved, much fun to do and we must say very addictive too! But what about constructing your own wall of Lomographic goodness in your actual home – yes, the one you have offline – is it possible? Jblaze823 thought of something very practical and creative that anyone can do with just by using those tiny, translucent Fotoclips, a bunch printed photos and a bit of your imagination!

Congratulations to our winners, You have earned yourself a big prize of 20 Piggy points for your efforts and a shiny new award badge to boot. And to everyone, maybe you should start writing your own stuff as well and you might see it on the top of our list! If you’ve stumble something interesting that is worthy to be known, please don’t hesitate to submit them for our Magazine!

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  2. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    yay! thanks for the 20 piggies in advance! :)

  3. mikahsupageek
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    congratz =)

  4. stouf
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    Congrats ! And thanks LSI for this new feature! Perfect !

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    really cool !

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    congrats to everyone! special to @panelomo =)

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    WOW !!! Thanks a lot LSI !!! Congrats my lomo friends!

  8. jblaze823
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    that is awesome, never thought I'd win piggies for decorating my home, thanks to the LSI gang and to everybody who checked out the article. congrats to panelomo and domyblue too!!!

  9. stouf
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    How about October ?

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