Lomo at the Techno Parade

I just love massive events… Streets packed with people, dancing, screaming, whistling, clapping and waving hands in the air! All in symbiosis with those deep bass beats. A perfect occasion to grab your favorite Lomographic cameras and hit the streets to follow these huge crowds at the Techno Parade!

Just like last year, the Techno Parade, which is the second largest musical event in France after the Celebration of Music, started Saturday 25th of September at noon Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris and ended at 5pm at Bastille.

Bastille at the end of the parade

Twenty trucks and their “sound systems” hit the streets with around 150 DJs from all around the world in control of tens of thousands of people, eager to dance and party to some repetitive music.

The afternoon, started with a quick flash-mob organised to support the “When the night is dying” petition launched in October 2009 by party organizers Technopol to “save the Parisian nights”. Compared to the past years, a few changes were made in the organisation, Technopol decided to lower the number of vehicles in the cortège, mainly for security reasons.

Main figure: the list of guest DJs. Few famous names, but young new artists of the electronic scene, who for the most part, attended their first Techno Parade. 84,000 earplugs were distributed and sound meters were set up here and there on the course, with lights indicating when the sound is dangerous for your ears.

A great parade, sadly the weather wasn’t that great on that day, grey white diffused light… not very appreciated by my Lomos. I still managed to get a couple of nice shots at the end of the day when the sky cleared up a bit.

My presence in this Techno Parade was totally unpredicted, I just impulsively decided to go out even with crap weather, and try to make the best of it. In the end, I had great fun, overwhelmed by all these happy and celebrating people around me, dancing with random strangers without it being awkward , cause the love of music comes first. Plus to that the pleasantly surprised looks of people ogling my Lomos while i was ogling them and their crazy costumes!

In conclusion: Techno Parade + LOMO = GREAT FUN!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the pictures!

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