A Sprocket Hole Lotta Love!


Do you love sprocket holes as much as we do? Have look at our lineup and you’ll see that we have created different products to help you capture your images in its entirety – including those cool-looking sprocket holes!

See the ‘Hole’ Picture

We love holes. If you don’t count the big one in the middle of our ozone layer, they’re pretty fantastic creations. Think about it. Without holes you wouldn’t be able to hear. You wouldn’t be able to smell. Essential things like doughnuts, golf, CDs, and, of course, your beloved 35 mm film just wouldn’t be the same. With film, the sprocket holes so essential for the winding process sadly never make it onto the final image. Well Lomography thinks it’s about time the humble hole got the credit it deserves. In fact, we love these spaces of nothingness so much that we’ve even invented some products to celebrate them. Why shoot on only part of the film when you could see the ‘hole’ picture?

Embrace the sprockets! Have a look at our sprocket hole gallery

Spinner 360
A new addition to the Lomography family, capture the world like you’ve never seen it before, in full 360 degrees with the head-turning Spinner 360.

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Read more about the Spinner 360° at the microsite

Diana F+ with the Diana 35mm Back+
Medium format film is all well and good, but we personally can’t resist the beauty of the Diana 35mm Back+. Shoot across the sprocket holes and get 36 shots instead of the standard 12 or 16. And when you’ve had enough, switch back to good old 120 that gave Diana F+ her name.

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Discover what we mean by browsing our online gallery of 35mm Diana shots

Lubitel 166+
Feel the power in your hands with the fully manual Lubitel 166+. Originally built for just 120 film, the new Lubitel 166+ comes with an adaptor for 35mm film, meaning you can shoot gorgeous, crisp images with sprockets in tact.

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Visit the Lubitel 166+ microsite for more information+

Digitaliza 35mm
Shooting across the sprockets is great but your local lab may not see it the same way. Most scanners are not built to read the whole width of the film. Lomography is sometimes just too far ahead of the game. But that’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands with the Digitaliza. This mask works with any 35mm scanner, making scanning your own negatives with sprockets exposed a piece of cake.

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A Hole New World

About to dive into the new world of sprockets? Check out some of bundles, which will get you shooting and scanning without burning a hole in your pocket…

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One Comment

  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    When using EPSON 4490, DO NOT push the digitaliza against the end of the screen. Look at the scanning masks sold with your scanner: there is a blank space that you must conserve with the digitaliza.

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