The Other Side of Cannes


So is it really all about the Film Festival? What happens when there isn’t any? Here’s a brief chronicle of my trip to Cannes. There’s a lot of things to do and see that’s not connected to the Film Festival so read on for more about the true spirit of Cannes!

Famously known for the Le Festival International Du Film De Cannes or simply Le Festival De Cannes which runs sometime during May, Cannes is somehow considered superficial because of this popular fantasy event. Glitz and glittery are all abound once the festival starts. Unknown to many, Cannes is a beautiful paradise by itself.

Le Suquet can give you a panoramic view of the beach, as it overlooks the beautiful port where hundreds of sailboats bask on the uneven weather. The rolling terrain of Le Suquet invites you to an endless array of old apartments and grocers along the way.

You will never miss the pristine waterfront which is more popularly known as the La Croisette. A perfect setting to a romantic sunset view, where excellent spots hides you away from the bustling Cannes modernity. A mini-carnival, which is popular among kids of all ages welcomes families and kids of all ages.

Is this your first time visiting Cannes? The head on to the shopping boulevard where tourists and locals frequent along the commercial avenue, where luxury brands and designer boutiques can be found.

A few blocks from the port, the Forville Market is a small complex where everything “Cannes” happens. From the busy flower shipments, an array of small shops – where you can find the cheapest films, and souvenirs (yes, not everything in Cannes is expensive), cheap groceries, and of course, the aromatic coffee shops.

If you like people watching, then you should frequent these places where its an everyday routine at Rue d’ Antibes, Rue Meynardier and Promenade De La Croisette.

So, after a long stroll and bruising your feet at the long stretch of celebrity stars pavement, don’t forget to visit one of the local bakeries. Get a coffee, a muffin maybe, sit back, relax – and watch the locals do their thing. Truly an experience to be remembered.

written by panelomo on 2010-10-15 #places #location #journey #france #cannes #panelomo #travel-tips


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