Half-frame Greatness: Olympus Pen EED


Olympus Pen EED, a beautiful half-frame camera in a league of its own. Comes with a fast 32 mm f/1.7 lens F. Zuiko lens and supports iso 25 up to 400. Works on automatic exposure mode and a manual aperture selection for flash photography. Pretty much similar to that of the LC-A.

The Olympus Pen EED is a half-frame camera that I've been tracking for a long time. It's armed with a fast 32 mm f/1.7 F. Zuiko lens, an automatic exposure with a CdS meter, cable release thread, and a hot shoe for flash photography. When the camera was delivered, I was delighted to find it in pristine condition, although the shutter was stuck. The camera was sent to the technician and back in operation in perfect working condition.

I've handled many half-frame cameras prior to the EED — the Canon Demi EE17 (with a f/1.7 lens, too), the Olympus Pen D, Fed Mikron, Agat 18k, etc. The EED is my favorite among all in terms of beauty, size, convenience, and ease of handling. The compact size of the EED shines when compared to the Canon Demi EE17, which has a similar specification but is much larger in size (although it can be used as a manual camera). Automatic exposure makes it easy to use compared to the uncoupled meter of the Olympus Pen D (fully manual). A great fast lens on the EED works well under low light compared to the Agat 18k and it has an accurate CdS meter compared to the selenium one on the Fed Mikron.

Most importantly, this camera is so quick — a change of focus distance (done by turning the lens) and you are ready to shoot. I love this camera as much as my army of LC-As.

Shots taken with the Pen EED loaded with Fuji Velvia 50

It's not the easiest camera to find but it's definitely a treasure if you ever get your hands on it!

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  1. crayfish
    crayfish ·

    great shots, u're real lomographer!

  2. livethru
    livethru ·

    I have one, but its the oldest one... Its not working very well...but it is a amazing camera! congrats for the article and the pics.

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Great shots!

  4. yaraal
    yaraal ·

    I recently recieved one from my grandpa, but without a battery. Now I've read that it needs a 1.3V CdS mercury battery, but they aren't in the making anymore. What do you use instead? (I've tried a hearing aid battery with an o-ring but my negatives came back blank)

  5. osc707
    osc707 ·

    I was wondering, which technician did you use? I recently purchased an Pen EED and would love to have it CLA'd.

    @Yaraal - i bought a battery converter adapter on ebay, it was $18USD but allows you to use modern inexpensive easy to find batteries

  6. glaise
    glaise ·

    Hallo ! How would you compare it to the EE17 in term of lens sharpness ?

  7. 85211
    85211 ·

    Hi, I have one and I'm having trouble using it. The focusing is solely based on distance yes? Therefore it's pure guessing?I also don't know what the shutter speed it. I'm quite confused.

  8. petevideos
    petevideos ·

    Cool, I also got one yesterday

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