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It isn’t often that photographers, especially the ones at the top of their game, are the subjects of intimate portraits but for LomoPeople, our lenses are fixed on David Mushegain, one of top fashion photographers out there!

David Mushegain
New York
Fashion Photographer
Rules are there to be broken, Rebellious yet professional.
A 21st century traveling Gypsy and no stranger to the red carpet.

From what I have experienced with my time hanging out with David it seems he has lived it all, the good and the bad. I feel David incorporates a rebel type attitude into everyday living, and is often breaking the rules just because he can. He reminds me of a big kid, living his life through the lens, yet he’s one of the top fashion photographers in the world. Perhaps it’s this style of attitude that has enabled him to get to the top. I love hanging out with David, as there’s no judgment nor question, it’s just about the moment and the experience.

The dark workhorses of the lens, bringing to us the images we desire; yet they are not very often visually exposed. Who are these people, when will it be their turn to face the lens? This day it was David’s turn to be exposed, thanks David for letting me snap a shot.

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written by clickclickclick on 2010-09-28 #lifestyle #portraits #stories #lomopeople

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