LomoPeople: Travis Meadore

Sometimes when you point your camera at someone, it just clicks. There’s no ridiculous poses needed, nor any amount of coaxing to be done. Sometimes, just like with our LomoPeople series for today, it is just plain natural.

Travis Meadore

Travis is a young man, yet I feel he inherits an older soul, he’s a cute guy with an infectious smile and a gift for music. The camera just loves Travis; even with out trying he always seemed to be just there in front of my camera. There is something quite unique about Travis but I cant put my finger on it, maybe its his patience in up tight situations or his youthful exuberance and un spoilt bright eye approach to living, Or the richness in his finger tips when he plays the piano, hitting black and white keys one by one with passion and purpose.
Passion often goes along with talent. But passion is even stronger than talent; Travis is a perfect example of passion working with talent.

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written by clickclickclick on 2010-09-29 #lifestyle #portraits #stories #lomopeople

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