LomoPeople: Brandon Lomax

We’ve got the next installment of LomoPeople from photographer and professional longboard surfer Candice O’Donnell. This time around, she sets her sights on graphic designer Brandon Lomax and tells a little bit about his story!

Brandon Lomax
San Diego California
Artist/Commercial illustrator/Freelance graphic designer

Brandon is a traveling creative ball of energy, full of wonderful ideas and enthusiasm, which transcends into an infectious cycle. Spending time with Brandon, I was able to observe his artistic approach to everyday life. Applying simple tools such as paintbrushes, spray cans, fabrics and anything else he could find to play with.
Brandon lives, breaths and sleeps creativity, which is reflective in his work and his over all style of design.

I‘m no art critic, nor writer for that matter, but what I can say is that Brandon’s work is something of a creation, with his fine lines and soft water colour splashes, his work draws you in and keeps you there, sometimes leaving you wondering why. Brandon is an optimistic man with a vision and passion; this could be his formula for greater things.

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