Graffitis of Tenerife


Another of my little obsessions. Lomographing the art that happens on the streets of my city. Santa Cruz de Tenerife surprises whoever visits it because of one thing, just like it surprises us when we travel outside of the islands. And that’s the colour of its streets.

Credits: nikkaxxx

Here, every street is distinct, every building is absolutely different from the one standing next to it. Each one has a style, each one has a colour. Probably it’s the influence of our historical past.
Unlike other European cities, there’s no uniformity.

But this is one of the charms of strolling around Santa Cruz. It has an important addendum.

That’s the art of its streets. In Tenerife, we can boast of having some really good graffitti artists.
I can’t help making a lomograph every time I see one because I know that some of them will disappear within little time. These are so good, they need to be recorded.

For this reason, I’ll leave you know with some of the pictures I’ve taken. Nothing better than a lomo…

With some of these I had the pleasure of participating in a unique project by Txemy I Love Colors
It was a pleasure for me to be invited by her to contribute to her site with lomographs, as it was to write about Colours!! :D

Credits: nikkaxxx

I’ll also leave you with some taken by my Robot 3 ;). Hope you like them!

Credits: nikkaxxx

I won’t tell you the names of all these graffiti artists. You’ll know them all very soon in Txemy’s new site. Graffiti 100% Canario

GraffiLomo On!!!

Stellar kisses XxX

written by nikkaxxx on 2010-10-22 #places #graffiti #location #robot3 #colorsplash #nikkaxxx #santa-cruz-de-tenerife #personal-story #txemy #ilovecolors #graffiticanario
translated by caromi

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