Lomography Conquers Photokina 2010!


A super massive LomoWall, a watchtower, 1000 free cameras, vodka shots, and music! These are just some of the highlights at the Lomography booth at this year’s Photokina – the world’s biggest photography fair! Here’s a quick recap in case you missed the first three days!

Lomography Rocked the First Three Days

Two years have passed and here we go again. It’s photokina time and Lomography has already rocked the first three days. Click, click, flash, flash – cameras everywhere you look but as always we are the ones who stand out of the grey-suits-crowd. No wonder that everybody wants to storm our booth and relax on one of the seven continents made of LomoWalls or present a LomoLocation to get one of 1000 free cameras that will be given away during photokina. Read more on the Microsite

All Along the Watchtower

For the very first time we enable our crowd a 360 degree view from our very own watchtower measuring 5 incredible meters. Many Lomographers already climed its steps to enjoy the sight of a blue sea made of Lomographs and seven continents built with images submitted by you, our precious community. But this is only the teaser for a very large project to come – the LomoWorldMap! So be prepared for some huge community action in the future when we are realizing the Lomographic depiction of the world as we see it. Read more on the Microsite

Bla Bla Bla – The Press Love Lomography

Some might already call us famous after we had the press all over our booth and in our faces during the last three days. Journalists from all ove the world wanted to know what Lomography is all about and left our booth with a good story, smiling faces and a newborn love for Lomography. To get a glimpse of whats happening have a look at these videos: the booth, the tower

LomoLocations Rolling In!

Hundreds of LomoLocation request came in the last days. People made drawings, heavily waved their arms around while explaining their LomoLocation and many life stories and anekdotes were told to the Analogue Arts Juror. A random selection of winning LomoLocations:
-“I work in a small village in Germany where we do therapy with horses. I want to take pictures of the handicaped people riding the horses and brushing them etc.”

-“The Pile of Pumpkins: I am seeing this huge pile of pumpkins in a field near Bonn for weeks and I can’t wait to take pictures of it. They are all pumpkins that are not good enough for sale, and are left there.”

-"Old “Belgium Friet” – trailers in my city in Belgium is what I will shoot!"

-" My dad rents out Segways and make tours with them in the forrest next to my hometown. I want to take pictures of the hill where we go downhill and shoot while flying down on my segway"

-“I want to take pictures in a very very small restaurant in Lima, Peru the small space is stuffed with food and old furniture and the old owners sit with you to talk about food.”

Read more on the Microsite

People, Food, Tattoos, and the Analogue Future

Man…a day at photokina can be quite exhausting. All this running around, taking pictures, hunting the next big thing can really drag you down. Thanks god, there is this colourful oasis called Lomography! The last few days we watched people laughing, eating, sleeping and some of them even showed us their tattooes! Everyday from five o’clock we are giving out 300 free vodka shots to enable our Lomographers a pleasant good-bye. All this happens around the revelation of the Ten Prophecies of the Analogue Future that convinced even the biggest sceptic that the future really is analogue. To bring the prophecies in every part of the world, we already gave out 3000 posters with the Prophecies on them. Stop by tomorrow and get your own version of the Ten Prophecies of the Analogue Future to decorate your wall and mind!

Read more on the Microsite

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  1. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    tomorrow :D

  2. pagodas
    pagodas ·

    these photos are digital! blasphemy! >:|
    but in all seriousness, looks like fun. i wish i could go!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I wish I was there :D

  4. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    I wish I could go too :'(

  5. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    tomorrow too! :)

  6. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    me too tomorrow ^_^

  7. screamzoda
    screamzoda ·

    it was really great there, loved it.

  8. static_view
    static_view ·

    Was great there. Especially the very friendly red hat woman with an awesome view of our eyes! On the photo above she is directly by the Lomo cameras!
    The next great one was the daylight from the glas roof, not only a place for buying and selling!1

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