Bienal Internacional Graffiti Fine Art

Graffiti reaches the Art Gallery.
from September 3 to October 3

MuBe – Museu Brasileiro da Escultura
Av. Europa, 218 – São Paulo – Brasil 01449-001
from Tuesday to Sunday
10am to 7pm

At first it might sound quite contradictory to think of Street Art in a gallery, however over the decades the artists have gotten there. It definitely wasn’t the goal , but the public started to see these interventions with a different perception.

About the Graffiti, we can say that the “boom” happened in the 70’s in NY, always associated to the rich culture of the rhythm and the energetic ideas of Hip Hop and to youngters from the poor districts of the city. From there to the world, sweeping and spreading the transgressor culture as a way of expression.

The MuBe gallery selected internacionally renowned artists to participate in this exhibition showing that Brazil is stronger than ever on the art scene. You should visit there since it’s worth going even if you don’t know much about technique. The vibrant aesthetics and the saturated colors remind a lot the lomographic spirit. We’d say that they’re relatives, after all both of them are based on saturated creativity.

written by jorgesato on 2010-09-28 #news #event #graffiti-mube-bienal-art-exhibition
translated by jorgesato

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