Hanging Out at The Big Lake.

When you find yourself in the great city of Louisiana, you can go fishing at the public wharf or take some great pictures of the sun rising out of the water. Either way, you’re to have a relaxing and downright amazing afternoon on Big Lake.

Louisiana isn’t called the sportsman’s paradise for nothing. Everyone that lives here either hunts or fishes and most do both. I am more of a fisherman but my wife is a hunter. What a pair we make. I found out about this great little wharf on the north side of Calcasieu lake. My brother told me he used to bring girls he was trying to court out there all the time. It sits in the old settlement in Big Lake, Louisiana. It is in a small community but not a lot of people know about it. The wharf has been there a long time but was destroyed in the recent hurricanes. It was just rebuilt a few years ago. We usually have the whole place to ourselves when we go.

I always get some really great pictures when I go and I decided to use Lomography Redscale 100 35mm for this photo shoot. It is free to fish here and public parking is provided. We didn’t catch a lot of fish this day since the wind was coming from the east. Like the old folks around here say “Winds in the East, the fish bite least, winds in the west, the fish bite best”

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