Sunday in León


My boyfriend is from Salamanca and each time we go to his parents’ home he takes me to new places for me to explore. This time around it was the turn for León, a sweet city that you might not have heard of, but you must know!

We arrived in León in a July sunday morning ready to spend the whole day there. The first thing that caught my attention as we were approaching to the city center, was the buildings, the old palaces and the summer sun light that they were reflecting

Once we parked our car, we went towards the Tourist Office, got ourselves a city map and started hanging around! Walking the “calle Ancha” (Wide Street), surrounded by amazing houses and full of cafés where to stop by and drink something, we arrived to the Cathedral… wonderful!! Besides, as it is placed in one of the highest spots of the city, there’s no other building that casts its shadow on it. On the inside the Cathedral is very spacious and it’s illuminated by just the light that comes through the stained glass windows. That day it was also full of pilgrims walking the way of Saint James.

But in León there’s not only the Cathedral, but looking around (and following the route recommended by the tourist office) we found the “casa Botines”, designed by Gaudí, and even Gaudí himself, made of bronze, drawing sketches and sitting on a bench! Moving away from the city center we found the San Isidoro collegiate church, beautiful as well, Romanesque style and decorated with motifs that are repeated during the whole Way of Saint James, like the “ajedrezado jaqués”(, so typical from my region, in the Pyrenees.

For lunch we chose the marvelous “tapas” bars of the Húmedo (Wet) quarter, reccommended by many friends, and after buying two delicious ice creams we walked trough the narrow streets, the Plaza Mayor and the back side of the Cathedral. To digest our lunch and dessert we left the center and walked towards the bank of the river, because we had seen from the car a little park there. In this park we found lots of people walking, riding their bikes or sitting in the shade and… many little wooden animals!!!

At the end of our walk we found the San Marcos hospital, now the building of the state-run hotel of León and we sant for a while on a bench to enjoy the view and say goodbye to the city.

Lomographically speaking I can say that in this day-trip I used for the first time (since I came back to analogue world) black and white film and took my first roll with my robot camera, so I was a bit worried about the results.

At the end I was so happy with the photos and, above all, my visit to León!

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translated by mochilis

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  1. kvboyle
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    Great article - I love the black and white doubles, they're beautiful!!

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