Manipulating Instant Mini

Yet very different from Polaroid chemicals, Fuji Instax still leave a space for manipulation.

Sometimes we get the really cool pics with more or less expected results. But sometimes it goes the wrong way. For example, the Instax paper is stuck inside the Instant Back and then pulled out with the other paper, sometimes the result is overexposed, sometimes the chemicals that trigger the development process are not rolled evenly (usually it happens when the sheet is rolled out of the back), sometimes we can develop it in the fridge (to get cold colors) or holding it in front of the yellow or other trippy light (to get warm colors) or just heating it a bit when developing. All those unconventional attempts leads to really surprising and (sometimes) interesting results.

Herein attached some irregular results rolled out of my instant back – have fun watching, would be fun if you could share some of yours – I am sure you have a few in your pocket :)

written by breakphreak on 2011-03-04 #gear #tutorials #lab-rat #tipster #instax-mini #manipulation #development #diana-instant-back #manipulating #film-processing

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