Thailand - A Homeland for Everyone


Last year, I spent a whole month in Thailand. I am not Thai, but I must say I treat Thailand like my homeland. The people, the shops, the atmosphere, the views and the hotels, finally, you find a place to relax yourself. I think that the reason why Thailand is my must go place every summer.

While waiting for my flight, a weird feeling came across my mind, I was very much worried about how Bangkok became after the disorder in March.

What a pity that I forgot to bring a tripod. Pattaya still has the greatest sunset as I had enjoyed last year, we spend hours standing by the sea to wait for the magic moment and to wait for the sunset. It was really amazing because the view would just make you speechless.

I would have to say shopping is one of my must do in Bangkok. Not only this year had we missed a place for shopping, but this part of Thailand really had changed a lot. In the past, there were still tons of people walking on the street and selling things at around 9-10pm. Today, you barely see people walking on the skywalk after 8pm. It’s such a great difference compared with the past.

But still Bangkok offers you something more than shopping. We had the ride again this year, and things were the same, the same route and the same wind blowing on your face. Be prepare to spend at least 2 hours on the boat and go for the local line. There were 30 stops over the whole route, at busy hours, you can see how Thai started their day. If you are a Bangkok lover, but never went to the riverside, please do so soon, because I heard that they wanted to close down this transportation since they have BTS.

In such a vibrant and diversified country, I am sure everyone of you can find an activity that suits you, a hotel you love, a view you never forget, and a memory you treasure.

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  1. phiphu
    phiphu ·

    I do love Thailand, my homeland. :))

  2. nicknopporn
    nicknopporn ·

    Nice Article and beautiful pictures. ^_^

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