The Town of Sara

Sara, Iloilo is a town non-comparable to other towns. This is the place where I grew up. It’s really simple. Places like this where you enjoy living in simplicity is like a gem to my heart. Read on for more of my childhood adventures!

Obviously, this is where I grew up. I stayed since I was a baby up until I was five. The place is small. Their humble plaza has an erected statue of Jose Rizal (of course) and a Municipal Building lying next to its grounds. The church is also fantastic. My grandfather designed the bells of the church.

Sara lives in a gentle place where fishing and farming is their main livelihood. You can foresee tricycles, pedicabs and motorcycles parading here and there.

Famous for their special “Dinuguan” (Blood Stew), it is a food delicacy served mostly during lunch time that is made from a blood of a pig and basked with lots of swine flesh. Sara, Iloilo is 2 hours away from the city of Iloilo. Going there means you have to ride a bus.

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