Cappadocia is a historical region of Asia Minor, lying in the geographical center of this vast peninsula. The name of a region called Cappadocia comes from the Persian language, in which the word katpatuka translates as ‘land of beautiful horses’. It has retained its name to this day.

Cappadocia is amazing place where the unique creation of nature is harmoniously complemented by the rich historical content. A rare beauty and exotic landscape owes its origin to volcanic activity. The plateau, located at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level, over many centuries ago was an important crossroads of the ancient world.

In this territory, the troops of many well-known in the history of rulers and military commanders fought over it in all directions. In around 2000 BC an ancient people Hittites stayed here. Theirs was a powerful empire in the center of which was Cappadocia. Considering the mural Cappadocian cave churches, we often wonder how in the Byzantine monuments of central Anatolia, traces the influence of all previous eras and traces of all the cultural contacts of the Ancient World. The geography of these influences and contacts, covering all the Mediterranean, and the chronology of more than 3000 years. Many generations of many nations carved in the rocks of Cappadocia countless caves. Some served as dwellings for farmers, other for dovecotes. From the history of the X century it is known that local residents were even dubbed ‘earth people’ for having moved underground through holes, cracks and maze-like caves and holes.

The nature of Cappadocia is unique. Due to erosion of hardened volcanic ash, there are fantastic mountains, countless caves and cliffs of surprising, sometimes very whimsical forms. Often in Cappadocia you can find strange natural formations: cones, pyramidal hills, crowned with hats, the giant stones of a different color. The fact is that at this place more than three million years ago there was a large-scale volcanic eruptions, leaving lava in the surface and drastically changing the land surface. Further, for many centuries, nature managed to create these magnificent cliffs and shapes by the action of wind, water, abrupt climate changes. Ground sculptures of fantastic shapes, the imagination so much that can no longer look at these figures as something inanimate. Every now and then seem different creatures, monsters, and human figures.

It is certainly worth seeing: 40 meters rocks in the form of fungus, known Red and Lune valleys, canyons Ihlara, so-called “fairies fireplaces” and much more. No less than the imagination of tourists and the vast underground city, which still have active ventilation system, and even water. Here you can find ancient rock hewn churches, which are not less than two thousand years. All attractions, located in Cappadocia, the largest combined in Göreme National Park, which is valuable not only to Turkey and, therefore, taken under careful guard, but also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

For personal feelings I found it convenient to use for shooting in this wonderful countryside the panoramic camera Horizon. The majestic and amazing views look great on the panoramic scenes. I will mention one more interesting fact: in Cappadocia there’s a great opportunity to fly in a balloon. I could not do it, but I hope you have better luck.

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  1. stouf
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    Beautiful shots (the ones I can see) of a fantastic spot that could have been shot in a star wars movie ! Ho, wait, it did ! : )

  2. nural
    nural ·

    I loved your shots!!!!
    I really really really wanna go to Capadoccia!!! It's only like 10 hours with car....

  3. leela_dark
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    Thanks for taking us to this amazing place!!! Your article is so interesting and the shots are just wonderful!

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