Why you can’t have lomo food shots but you can have a golden rule no. 11.5. Eggs, I like eggs. Especially in the morning when it’s perfect. I recently learned that sunny side burnt egg edges are called “happy eggs”. I learned something that made me smile.

The reason i’m writing this article is that i’m hungry and looking at all the lomos my girlfriend took of me while eating. Those lomographs made me think that I’m eating too much, which is a problem. Taking lomos of eating out is fine but not too many, and I think I have too many eating lomos.

Not that I didn’t enjoy what I was eating then, I did, immensely. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she took pictures. But honestly, you can’t have great food shots in lomo cuz you can’t really ger up close. It’ll just turn up blurred and mushy which robs it of its mouth watering, appetite whetting purpose.

Food shots should make you drool or make you leave whatever the hell you are doing at the moment and just nourish yourself, eat. It’s that basic and carnal. Like now, I’m thinking of a charcoal grilled burger and a cold drink but i can’t cuz it’s 1am. anyway…

What you can do is shoot the eater. which in this case, is me. Im going to make this article short and right now i’m thinking of a nice ending in my head that can leave a sorta golden rule no. 11.5 (rule no. 11 is “kiss me” if you got your red lomo neck sling) hmmm. Let’s see. rule no. 11.5: EAT FILM. nah. not golden enough. How about, rule no. 11.5:Don’t get too close to food or you will make it look mushy and unappetizing?

Ummm, too wordy. Last try. golden rule no. 11.5: Shoot What You Eat and Eat What You Shoot. Promising, yeah. There’s a certain wisdom to it that my fingers can’t pinpoint yet ,but yeah, I can feel it. That’s mine I guess. What’s your rule no. 11.5?

written by northwardnimbus on 2011-05-19 #food #lifestyle #dinner #eat #drink #breakfast #lunch #lomo #dine #snack


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  3. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    Did you really have that face while drinking the slushee hahahahah its utmost satisfaction

  4. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    Did you really have that face while drinking the slushee hahahahah its utmost satisfaction

  5. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    @nic. yes. and you didnt have to send the same message thrice. heeh. i know! no delete button. =(

  6. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    @nazicole or twice. again. no delete button! =)

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