ColorSplash Flash Chakra Edition - Color It with Style!!!


Red snap! Blue snap! Green snap! Snap! Snap! How do you like it? Which color you feel like? What do you want to transmit? With the Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition you can bathe your photos with color and the best… Yeah you all know. The poop! Adds as a funny seal of style and originality, and trust me, it will make them talk.

I’ve never been a fan of artificial light in photography. At least I wasn’t, but I started to feel limited and lonely at night, when I couldn’t use my LC-A to capture those special moments, because of the light restrictions. So after a short process of deliberation I decided to make myself with the famous, the one and only Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition. When I first saw it at the Lomography Embassy I thought to myself.. Whats up with this pigeon? And the poop? It was a funny first impression. But it’s sexy curves and soft rubberize cover stole my heart, so I took it home. The minute I nestled it into my LC-A’s hotshoe and snapped the first shot I knew it was the beginning of a long lasting friendship.

Produced by our guys at the Lomographic Society, the Colorsplash Chakra Edition’s unique design is made to catch the attention of curious and critics. Grey colored with a small pigeon and of course the pigeon’s poop art on top. Its simple and practical, stylish but not pretentious. With its ingenious colorwheel, its twelve different color (Chakra colors) filters and the option of combining them, you’ll have an extensive palette to choose from, to colorsplash your emulsions day and night.

You can use the flash to color your daylight shots creating a nice contrast or at night to paint your photos in dazzling bright colors. Using it with the LC-A at night is pure fun, since you can play with it by setting the exposure level on ‘A for automatic’ depressing the shutter release button and holding it down to capture the background lights till it automatically closes or letting it go whenever you want to capture the instant. Is just perfect for creating surreal light effects. If you want a sharper shot with no blurs or effects then set the exposure level on any mark other than ‘A’ for a quick flash. Also you don’t have to attach the flash to your camera, you can use it separately, I haven´t tried it yet, but should be interesting to experiment with. Probably using more than one flash.

I’ve taken the Colorsplash out a couple times, day and night. Always getting nice reactions and the best of all, great results out of the lab. The only weakness I find in it, that all flashes this type have, is the unevenness of the light, making it not the perfect one for portraits and of course it won’t be that effective on distances of more than three meters or so. Other than that, I tell you this accessory have a lot of capabilities, it has really spiced up my images and I highly recommend it! So I’ll see you later cause its getting dark!! LoMo oN!!!

written by bccbarbosa on 2010-12-16 #gear #party #night #review #chakra #light #lc-a #colors #colorsplash #flash #user-review


  1. warning
    warning ·

    Cool gallery, cool friends!. I love ColorSplash Flash too ;D

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    take up your colorplash from the camera change the angle of the light synchronize the two hands, shooting ... flash (I must confess that many times I did the opposite) and double the fun!

  3. neurodiaz
    neurodiaz ·

    Great review bro, nice shots, :).

  4. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great gallery brother!

  5. bccbarbosa
    bccbarbosa ·

    Thnx to everyone for their comments. Appreciate it!! I wrote this article quite a few months ago. I'm glad it got published!! Thanx LSI!! =)

  6. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    very nice portraits!

  7. basho
    basho ·

    Excellent! This piece has saved my life! No, seriously, it will save some of my night shots at least. I've got this fantastic flash myself but I didn't know that the pictures would come out sharper if the aperture is not set on "A". Thanks a lot!

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