Maihaugen: Do You Like Open-Air Museums?

Maihaugen is one of Northern Europe’s largest open-air museums, and it is really worth visiting it! Maihaugen is a large open air museum in Lillehammer, Norway separated into several parts: e town, which illustrates life between World war one and two in an norvegian inland town…

It is separated into several parts: the rural collection wich representes the different types of farms and rural construction of the Gudbrandsdalen valley , and the lanscape : fields cultivated in the 1890’s manner, and animals : pigs, sheeps, chicken, ducks, horses..

There is also a nice cafeteria and a shop.

It is a very pleasant place to just walk around enjoying the 200 old buildings, nature and the various wildlife.

I took photographs of the rural part, because I love wooden vintage houses. I shot with my holga and 800 iso film, but it was raining, and the result is dark and a bit gloomy.

The pics were underexposed, so I prefered to desaturate them to obtain black and white pics.


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