Lomography Redscale XR Workshop in London

My first time visiting London, my first Lomo workshop and my first roll of Lomography Redscale XR film – great combination!

My first time visiting London was awesome. And it got even better when I saw that there would be a lomo workshop during that time. Of course I booked me and my friend a spot and we were really looking forward to it.

It was a workshop about the new Lomography Redscale XR film.
This special redscale film gives you different colors depending on your ISO-choice (ISO ranges from 25 to 200).The colors ranges from greenish/bluish vintage-look to warm golden tones to hot red!

It was great to test the different ISO and play around with the cam. Since we got a LC-A+ for testing the film, we were in the need to trick the cam cause the ISO starts at 100 (most of you will know ;)). golfpunkgirl showed us all the tricks, like doing some multiple exposures or simply covering the light meter. Thanks for that, it was really informative and beside all the sweet facts we met some awesome lomo-addicts who gave two Germans a very warm welcome :)

I now got my roll back and here are the results.
Since I was straight shooting away, it’s hard to say which photo I have taken at the different ISO. But looking at the colors I would say:

greenish/bluish vintage look – ISO 25
warm golden tones – ISO 50
red – ISO 100
hot red – ISO 200

Thats one lovely, adventurous film and I adore the vintage look at ISO 25 or the warm golden ones at ISO 50.
Go crazy testing and experimenting with this film! It’s fun!
I got myself a LC-A now and will definitively shoot some more! But it’s great to know that you can get those tones with your LC-A+ too by simply tricking her.

Thank you London for having us :D
See you soon!
Maybe there will be a workshop on 21st or 22nd of november? I already booked my flights ;)

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