Fisheye and an Explosion of Colours

One accessory Fisheye 2 owners can’t do without is the Colorsplash Flash!

With a stroke of lomoluck, much in the style of Susie Lomovitz, in 2007 I won a Fisheye 2 in a competition organised by Lomo Chile’s Lomo Embassy.

Thrilled to bits, I tried to explore its various capabilities . I loved the fisheye for its simplicity and for its entertaining and fun functions, such as the multiple exposure option.

At that stage, I didn’t have a Colorsplash Flash myself, but a friend had lent me her L-CA and the flash with it. Which was how I came to find out what happens when you mix the Fisheye 2 with the Flash.

The results were an incredible explosion of wonderful colours. This explosion, mixed with multiple and long exposures, gave me the opportunity to create pictures which were simple, but at the same time really amusing.

After shooting a few rolls with this combination…and because I had to give the LC-A and the flash back to their owner, I bought my own Colorsplash Flash and we’ve been constant companions for almost three years.

One last thing: one of the best films for this combination is Kodak Proimage. The colours come out really well if you use this film

So, go and get your hands on Lomography’s most explosive partnership!

written by iaki on 2010-12-12 #gear #35mm #review #camera #accessories #flash #colorsplash-flash #fisheye #user-review
translated by kvboyle

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