La Ciudad Pintada - Art For Old Building's Walls


City councils sometimes do it well. Not too often but anyway. This project was launched as an idea of improving the sights of the old town in Vitoria. Now it’s great to promenade surrounded by all those colours and analogue decorative motifs.

I already wrote something about this project in the Spanish site some months ago. Since then, 2 new walls have been painted. One of them is about food (Basque grastonomy is one of the best in the world – severals chefs are in the world top 20 list) and the other one about the Basque rock movement in the 80’s. The themes of the already done buildings were about fashion, playing cards (one of the most important playing cards companies in the world is located also here), wine (Rioja Alavesa wines are worth valued) and inmigration (we are receiving people which is new here) and animals (imagine going to school and find all your school walls are covered with fishes, rhinos…)

The main thing about this is that now, the city walls look more beautiful and even more, they are perfect for lomo shots, colourful, with a lot of subjects and textures. I simply love them.

Check the web of the project (I think they are working in the english site):

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    why is it posted twice?

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Fantastic! Now I have to go there!

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