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Get to know our friend Rene aka Reneg88! A singer songwriter soon to be bringing us his lovely hits not just through his Lomographs, but who knows, through the airwaves! Find out more with this crazy fun interview by cinzic!

Credits: reneg88

1. Which analog camera do you enjoy shooting with?

I think the analog camera I enjoy shooting with the most is Helen, my Lomo LC-A+. I got it a few months ago, and I’ve shot double the amount of rolls than with my first cameras (Robin – Fisheye and Cecilia – Holga 135 BC). I love the crispiness of the Minitar Lens, how the images always come out perfectly clear. I love the definition of the focus on it. You just set it to the correct distance and you get instant focus contrasts. I love how compact it is. You can literally take it anywhere with you. I had a small Alien Workshop tool bag and one day I saw it laying around and decided to stick my LC-A+ in it and I haven’t taken it out of there since. It fits perfectly, as if it was made for it, so it’s always on my belt when not in my hands shooting. I love the light meter! I think that’s one of my favorite things about it. That no matter the light conditions, my Helen will always know the correct amount of time to stay open. Making it much easier to not think, and just shoot.

2. Are you more into digital or analog, and why?

I’ve only been into analog for about… [it was February when I visited my girlfriend in Los Angeles, CA… now it’s August…] 6 months. And before that I had around 3 or 4 random digital cameras, with which I would shoot for the first week and then keep them in a drawer. Digital cameras never used to inspire me the way analog does. Analog has certainly widened my gaze as a photographer [which is only a hobby so far]. Since the minute I picked up my first analog, the Rob Ryan’s Fisheye Edition, I haven’t been able to stop shooting analog. There’s just something about it. It’s real. Everything that comes out of it, every experiment you try. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that it came out of you 100% and not some fancy editing software.

Credits: reneg88

3. When you travel, how many cameras & films do you bring with you?

Well since I’ve been into analog I’ve only traveled once. I went to New York City in the summer. I re-call taking my Lomo LC-A+, Holga 135 BC, and Coco [Nikon N6006]. I think I took around 10 rolls of film since it was only a week vacation, and I wanted to save some for when I returned. But as it turned out, it wasn’t enough. So I ended up visiting the Lomography Gallery Store in New York, and buying 5 rolls of Ektachrome and 2 packs of Lomography CN 100 iso. So I guess it rounds up to about 3 cameras, and 21 rolls of film. Luckily I had the wonderful Lomography Sidekick Canvas Bag with me, in which I was able to fit all of my gear everywhere I went during my trip.

4. We can see that you enjoy taking pictures of your girlfriend, does she get tired/bored of posing for you?

There’s this Lomography Golden Rule, I think it’s number 3: ‘Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.’ Me and my girlfriend, Irina, got into Lomography at about the same time. We’re always together, and we at least have one camera on each of us all of the time. You have to admit she makes a beautiful subject. Her skin is the softest, most pure and clear skin I’ve ever seen. So her face is always perfect to be photographed. We always make it fun, whenever we go out, so the mood is always right to be snapping away care free. Of course, I, as a good boyfriend, know when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to take out my camera and snap at her. I’m pretty sure if we’re in the middle of a very romantic session staring deeply into each other’s eyes, and I suddenly take out my LC-A+, she’d get pissed, hehe. But that’s not the case. She’s a very good natural model, and I really hope she never gets tired of being in front of the lens for me.

His muse

5. Do you sometimes wish you were being photographed, rather than being the one that takes the photograph?

Yes I do. But not so often. I think I enjoy being the one taking the photograph. Creating the art, rather than being in it. Though of course, if you’re creating it, it will always have a part of you in it. But I do wish sometimes I’d be the subject more often. But hey! There’s always a self-portrait photo session! It’s like when I write songs. I’ve written songs based on numerous people in my life, and sometimes I wish, someone I knew would write a great song about me.

The man himself being in the picture this time

6. What if someone saw you with your lomo cameras and said to you, “Hey, that’s so ugly and lame, get a real camera!”

Hah! That only happens like every day! I’m a nice guy. So I always avoid confrontation. I simply smile and keep on shooting, because I know that their ‘real’ cameras, don’t make them as happy and care free as my lomo cameras do.

7. If Diana F+ Black Jack made love to Diana F+ Colette, What could be the outcome?

Well it would result in one hot sexy Diana F+ Black Colette. Black Body with white dots. They should really hook them up.

8. Any favorite style of shooting? Shoot from the hip, Don’t look at the viewfinder, floor shots, etc

I really like getting down on the floor. It’s a perspective we don’t often embrace, but makes for beautiful shots.

Credits: reneg88

9. In your country, is the lomography fever everywhere?

I live in Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean that belongs to the United States of America. We don’t have Urban Outfitters, nor Lomography Stores. So the only way of getting Lomography gear is by traveling to the States or ordering Online. Therefore no, not many people are aware of Lomography. When I came back from Los Angeles, I was madly hooked with Lomography, so I tried doing a Facebook group to gather and find if there were any other people besides me that had lomo cameras. I found around 20 of them, and got some of my friends hooked on it too. But in reality out of those 20 maybe 3 actually shot film and got it developed and were passionate about it, the rest just owned the cameras and used them from time to time. So it was left to me, my girlfriend and 4 or 5 friends of us. I’m aware of maybe around 5 other lomo users around the island, but I haven’t had the opportunity to directly be in contact with them.

10. If you could be any film, what type would you be and why?

I think I would be a Kodak Ektachrome, or Elitechrome. Because they’re always really bright, really clear, and really contrasted when cross-processed. They have very little or no grain, and are always perfect for sunny days, which in where I live, are quite frequent.

11. What’s the feeling you get before & after picking up your rolls at the photolab?

Wow, call me a psycho, but I wait for my rolls when I take them to the lab haha. So it’s all just one long feeling. I take my rolls to the Sam’s Club photo lab. They process and cross-process my film for only $1.56, for only the negatives. Before when I didn’t have a scanner, they would give me a CD of my photos for only $1 extra. And back then, I would take the film, stare at them as they processed it, and when it was done, I would ask if I could go in to see them scanning it, to make sure they wouldn’t get rid of funky photos such as double exposures or light leaks. So yeah, I actually enjoy it a lot, and everyone who works there knows my name now, and they’re all really nice to me, so it’s all good.

12. If you could have any camera on your wish list, what would it be? And where will you take it for the first roll?

Pfftt, that’s easy. A Horizon Perfekt. I’ve been saving up piggies for it. I’ve submitted articles to the magazine like crazy, and keeping track of the piggies from the articles that are awaiting publications, by the time they get published I WILL have enough piggies to get me a Horizon Perfekt. So I’m very anxious about that. I keep bugging Mr. Pig to see if he can advance all my publication piggies, but he said it wasn’t possible, so I guess I have to wait it out. Anyway, I want to take it to a Lighthouse in a town here called Cabo Rojo. It’s the prettiest Lighthouse on the island. It’s on a huge cliff with beautiful views of the ocean. So it’ll be perfect when I go there with my Horizon Perfekt and a roll of Ektachrome!

13. Any messages to the cool, fun, loving, analog people out there?

I’d like to say that we need to get more people into analog. There are so many people in the world unaware of it, and it is SO ADDICTING. That I’m sure that just by showing them our cute looking cameras, and butt kicking lomographs, they’ll immediately fall in love. We need more cool, fun, loving, analog people like us in the world. Imagine a world, where lomographs decorate the most important museum walls. That’ll be the day… _.

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  1. stouf
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    Nice interview ! Great shots !

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    its so good it got published twice already!hahah

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    nice interview and fantastic gallery!

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    great interview and galleries! And now you have your Horizon Perfekt to play with, isn't it? ;))

  5. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    YESSSSSSSSSS! i finally was able to buy my Horizon Perfekt with all the piggies! =D And I'm going tomorrow to that Light House I mention too shoot it! =D Thanks to Cinzinc for this wonderful interview! It was really fun! =)

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    This is my dude right here! Our doubles rolls are forthcoming, get pumped for them.

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    Mah Holmes!!!!!!!!

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    such a fun article! great questions and answers!!!

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    ¡Hola! Excellent article. I'm so glad to be able to read it. Remember I'm one of those few active Lomographers in Puerto Rico. You can always count on me ¡para cualquier invento! :)

    Congrats to the interviewer and to the interviewee.

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