Spinner 360 Wormhole Techniques

The Spinner 360 camera lives up to its worldwide hype by giving you the most amazing super-panoramic 35mm shots, but it doesn’t stop there! It allows you to experiment and discover your own techniques – have a look at some examples from Spinner fans!

Spinner 360° Wormhole Techniques

The Spinner 360° is famous for the ability to flatten the space around you in one long panoramic shot, and that is only one very tiny fraction of what it can do! Let’s take it to the extreme and manipulate the time and space with the Spinner 360° to create an Analogue wormhole! Sit tight, the tips below will guide you through the journey..

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Morphing Up Time and Space

Three months since the Spinner was born, we already discovered an interesting pool of creative Spinner ideas on our Magazine. Here are some inspired or invented by some of our craziest Lomographers!

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Time Scan
Timescan with the Spinner by coca:
The idea is to let the camera still and move only the handle manually. If the object you are targeting is still, in the photo looks as if stretched, and if the object is moving.. read more

Repeat Scan
Spinner Time Scan Technique by cinzinc:
Notice that in the picture that the face is only showing it’s left side, so do keep in mind to change the… read more

Dun Think Just SPIN!!! by norya:
Send the film to the lab, if they tell you that your roll looks like ROJAK” there is a good chance that you’ve got a very interesting roll of film!!.. read more

Split your spinner shots by edwinchau and vita1104:
Different people shot each one half of the film. We look forward to seeing you improving this technique! For example, shoot one spin shot and rewind and shoot another one right away! Or different.. read more

Spinner 360° Tipsters Call Out

It’s time to get creative with your Spinner! Brainstorm new Spinner tricks and upload to our Magazine. Inspire other Spinners around the globe!

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Scanning Made Easy!

Finally we come to one ultimate and often ignored question: How do I scan my crazy scanner shots? Luckily our mad scientist has solved this problem with the DigitaLIZA! Buy the Spinner 360° with the DigitaLIZA scanning mask and get 50% off on the scanning mask!

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