Emerald Kingdom - Kodak Ektachrome E100SW (100 iso, 35 mm)


Another jewel from Kodak, this slide film can produce wonderful emerald tones when crossed, but also surprised me with a splash of pink every now and again! Sweet…

Credits: paramir

Some three rolls of this film were also in the huge loot (which is now down to the last rolls!) I got at a photography equipment fair this spring. As there were only three of them, and me loving Kodak films, I was sort of saving them for later… When I came back from the fair I assessed all the films I got by a quantity-rarity formula, trying to figure how to spread them evenly… Well, it is all very nice making such plans, but then you go to the fridge to get another roll and it starts all over again… Anyway, one of them went to my Diana Mini somewhere halfway through the stash, and was shot on a sunny day. I got it all pretty overexposed. But there was something in those green-turquoise-yellow tones taking over, with super punchy reds here and there, that I liked more every time I looked at the photos.

Diana Mini, mostly a bit overexposed… turquoise, green and yellow.

The two last rolls held on until late summer, when one of them traveled with me to Germany and back in my elegant Balda Baldinette, and the other one traveled to Belgium with the Canon EF.

Canon EF, wider tonal range, deeper greens and yellows come with a more “correct” exposure.

The results from both glass-lens cameras showed a wider tone range, as it usually is with crossed slide film, but the lovely emerald-yellowish tint was still there in almost all frames. A nice surprise was a few pink explosions on the roll from the Baldinette, maybe has to do with the fact that the film is expired…

Balda Baldinette, on a very clear and sunny days there is almost no color shift. And then – pink! I don’t know where it came from, but he can stay.

The granularity of the E100SW when crossed is just the type I like – coarse enough to be felt, seen and add some character to the photo, but not too much.
Even though my first reaction to all this green was not all that positive, I grew to really love it! I sure hope to get some more of this great film, and to try at least one roll of it not crossed…

written by paramir on 2010-12-11 #gear #review #kodak #xpro #user-review

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  1. naqi
    naqi ·

    interesting film. looooveeeeee the tone! I hope I can get one

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