Berlin For a Night Through Indonesian Eyes


The first impression when i arrived in Berlin was “WOW what a great great train station”, there’s nothing like this in my home country. It’s quite different than the 2 cities before I got to Berlin (Erfurt and Frankfurt), maybe because all of the skyscrapers in downtown. This is the third city in my summer school trip around Europe, in Deutchland or we can called it Germany.

First, me and six of my friends are looking for a map in the tourist information center. After getting a map we find a taxi and go straight to my lecturer’s apartment and guess what, the apartment is so near to the Victory Column monument! Lucky us… after taking a rest we go downtown to Potsdamer platz and Sony center for dinner. And that’s it for that day in Berlin.

Before we take the train back to Erfurt, we spend our time circle-ing Berlin with the bus and u-bahn. We saw the Berlin wall. At the first i thought that the Berlin wall was only the piece of small wall that i saw in the Potsdamer platz, but I wrong, that is still a long wall (not to long) but it’s long enough for me. There are a lot of information on the side of the wall and the feel when i touched it, it was very great (crucial moment).

After that we went to the Berlin zoo, checkpoint charlie, and we shopped at Kadewe and beyond there, and then to the all of the rest of the historical building around Berlin but not all the tourist attractions. Before dusk we have to catch a train back to Erfurt. so we go to the Hauptbahnhof and wait until the train arrived. It was a very very great one night at Berlin. What a great city to be a travel destination for tourist like me. I hope i can get back to Berlin someday. Dankeschön Berlin!!

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    it's so good story..

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    Gw demen bgt judulnya bawa nama indonesia! Isinya yahud ji!

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    Mautss Banged bung this!!!

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