Karimun Jawa


Some people call it Carribean Van Java. Its located in the Java sea north of Central Java province in Indonesia. Not many people know it but this hidden treasure islands is a National Sea Park. The beauty of its island surrounds will hypnotized u from the minute you saw it… the sands, the beach, the breeze, the sea, the fishes even the stars that’s spread in clear black wallpaper of the sky.

Amazing Indonesia: Karimun Jawa

To reach the place, we can cross from Semarang or Jepara’s harbour. And as for me, which am from Bandung West Java the total journey takes 18 hours (by bus plus ferry) and grand total of 36 hours return to see this beauty heaven on earth. These pictures are taken from my second time there and soon there will be the third one… Can’t wait to be there again!

The culture is also interesting, there’s a collaboration between the Java original tribes and Celebes ( Sulawesi) original tribes which called Bugis. As we all know Bugis people are great sailors. They reach other countries including Singapore and Phillipines. In Singapore we know there’s Bugis street. Christian Pelras book “The Bugis” is also makes me more curious to see it’s village here at Kemojan island (next island to Karimun).

I’m sure Karimun Jawa and Bali is not the best in Indonesia but at least one of the best I’ve ever travels, and sure not the last i wanna travel. There’s still lots of places in Indonesia including Wakatobi and Raja Ampat for the next destinations of travel and living.

There’s not much the picture can tell, but the experience is unforgettable I love Indonesia! It’s an amazing country with beautiful nature and culture.


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    Love this!

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