The London Lomography Thursdays are back in Town!


Coo Coo Cachou!

Coo Coo Cachou!
A new autumn term of madness arrives with London Lomography Thursdays.
We invite you to celebrate this year’s international Lomography project “the Future Is Analogue” in a strange and feathery kind of way.

An evening of feathered fun

Ah!..London – what’s not to love? – the smell of Old Father Thames…The Tourists…The Litter…Those lovable cheeky, Cockney Cabbies…The shriek of an injured cyclists as a London bus pulls out into them…The three million ‘chuggers’ (charity fundraising muggers!) out there that pounce on you with a smile on every minor outing…The inconsistent weather…The bargains to be had in every West End pub, bar and restaurant…The insane ‘cooing’ of a club-footed pigeon as it dementedly swoops by your head looking for McSnack leftovers…

The pigeons, the pigeons, the pigeons – lets spare more than a thought for our lamented brothers and sisters of the city!

Banished from their natural playground of Trafalgar Square – the Lomographic holy ground where over 100’000 Lomographic images were shown this time last year! A whole year these buggers have been following us around looking for a natural resting-place. As we know some have found a respite in the form of the Colorsplash Camera Chakra so please bring them along and let them find their missing friends and families and be united for an evening of feathered fun…Free film for anyone showing up with a Chakra!

Many others have mysteriously disappeared – rumors are flying around as to the details of this mass disappearance…the unsure sightings of UFO’s and the insane ramblings of alien abduction of some kind have to be taken into consideration. Let’s help get to the truth for these feathery flying pests of London.

Analogue vs. Digital

Throughout the evening we will be focussing on the 15 themes discovered from the recent Lomographic Global Survey that the most essential things in life remain Analogue


Film will be supplied on the night for you to play with and the Fastest Embassy Chick From The North (that’s Helen) will have the results developed the next day and the images ready to take to Photokina for a special London Zone that will be created on the massive LomoWall there.

Prizes will be given for these categories:

• The most shots supplied.

• The most authentic UFO sighting.

• The most analogue object photographed by you

…remember these shots are for a growing LomoWall at Photokina so keep the cameras to 35mm please – that way everyone will fit in the wall.

The Programme

Details of the evening include:

• On-the-spot Lomography quizzes with prizes.

• Prizes for anyone showing up as either:
A pigeon (arriving in grey, white and black will probably do!)
An alien (I’ll leave that to you)

• Bring along lots of flash cameras – we will be inside and it will be dark. The London Embassy will have lots of Colorsplash cameras to borrow for the evening…so come and talk to us nicely!

• A prize for the best ‘pigeon walk’ impression of the evening!

• Mandatory 5 minutes of dressing up with costumes or disguises supplied by the London Embassy.

Grab your Fame at the Open Mic Session

The Second London Embassy Open Mic Session!!!

Yes you heard it here first – get your images together and apply to take part in this drunken yet prestigious spotlight.
For those not in-the-know…the Open Mic slot consists of showing us 15 of your most amazing images over the course of five minutes with 20 seconds per slide. It’s a fast and furious pace with the Lomographer dialoguing (or dancing, singing, stuttering…anything that takes your fancy) over the images while we mere mortals in the audience just sit aghast.

Participate Now!

There is only room for eight Open Mic’ers this time so get your e mails in to FAST.
If you want to take part in the Open Mic put Mummy, I was born to be in the spotlight in the subject box.
To just come along and watch the Open Mic’ers from the audience put Actually, you freaks, I’m happy to watch in the subject box.

Either way we need your RSVPs to check that we have space for everyone so don’t be a slouch and let us know if you are coming.

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  1. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    I can only be this fast because I have the help of Spectrum Imaging based in Newcastle ! These guys seriously RAWK ! They also happen to do mail order within the UK only :) BUT no nono I don't work for them just to get that all straight - but I do use them for all my own processing and I have done so for a very long time now - so feel free to check them out !

    H ...

  2. tommynorth
    tommynorth ·

    i use these guys as well, they are very nice people. The mail order is quick too (well as quick as royal mail)

  3. lipstick-lori
    lipstick-lori ·

    I shall be there. Have submitted images for the open mic, and have my feathers at the ready!

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