Hate to Brag but, Lomography is the Best for Films!


If you’re looking for an extensive selection of films; ranging from good old favourites to the freshest emulsions; boasting excellent quality at the best prices – all signs point to Lomography! So ride like the wind and visit our online film shop.

Lomography = Best Dource For Film

We’ve got everything; 120 and 35mm, colour negatives and slides, redscale and instants, deadstock and fresh emulsions. And the lineup continues to grow as we present a bevy of new films including the fantastic Efke IR820 infrared and Rollei ‘Creative’ films!

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New Infrared Emulsions

Experience the surreal side of analogue with our selection of B&W infrared films, which now includes Efke Aura IR820 35mm and 120. 3D dreamscapes and brilliant white ethereal motifs can be yours. Infrared film is designed to be sensitive to IR light. For best results use with an IR or opaque red filter and see dreamlike trees and foliage leap out of the photo at you!

NEW! Efke IR820 Aura 120 – Add a shot of glowing drama to your squares. This emulsion emits a distinct “blooming” effect!

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NEW! Efke IR820 Aura 35mm – Soft and glowy, this film gives your 35mm shots a dreamy “blooming” effect.

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Introducing Rollei Creative Films

Rolling in to join the Lomography film lineup are 3 Rollei Creative emulsions! All 35mm film, 36 exposures.

NEW! Rollei Blackbird Film – In the mood for monochrome? This B&W film produces mysterious blacks and great midtones and contrast.
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NEW! Rollei Nightbird Film – Try the redscale technique without the need to do it yourself. Load up this film and get beautiful red hues in your images!
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NEW! Rollei Crossbird Film – Cross process this slide film to get vibrant colours and remarkable contrast!
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NEW! Rollei Redbird Film – This redscale film allows you to control the intensity of red in your pictures!
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The Fantastic Lomography Film Family

The Lomography Film range promises superior quality while making sure that the prices are pocket-friendly. Have a look at some of the Lomography Film emulsions in our lineup.

Lomography Redscale XR 35mm 50-200 ISO – Achieve creative control with this extended-range redscale film. Tweak the ISO settings for varied effects!
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Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm – Specially created for cross-processing. Yields tangy, citrusy shots!
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Lomography Redscale 100 35mm – Inject a dose of warm reds, yellows, and oranges to your shots!
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Lomography Color Negative 100 120 – Punchy colours and great contrast for your medium-format shots.
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Lomography B&W 100 120 – Classic black & white film for your medium format cameras such as the Lubitel 166+ and Diana F+
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  1. rantz
    rantz ·

    I agree. I've had to order more after the first two types turned out splendidly.

  2. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Best dource?

  3. brandonkow
    brandonkow ·

    not really, you can buy all of the film cheaper elsewhere, alot cheaper. the "lomography" film is just rebranded stuff, and the expired stuff can be found much cheaper on ebay.

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