LomoPeople with Candice O'Donnell


LomoAmigo and professional surfer Candice O’Donnell has started the ball rolling for us on a new series called LomoPeople! While on tour this summer it was her mission to take portrait shots of people (family, friends, strangers, lovers, haters…) she found interesting or inspiring and then tell us the reason why in less than 200 words. Follow the series and let us know what you think!

Kassia Meadore
Age 28
Location San Diego California
Occupation Longboard/surfer professional

Similar in so many ways

I chose to snap this shot of my good friend Kassia Meadore as I feel she embodies everything I enjoy about portrait photography. Kassia’s punk yet elegant, smooth yet rough and ever so stylish. We both share very similar passions from land to sea, and continually bounce creative ideas off each other. Riding waves and shooting photos. You can often find us on surf trips sneaking off to shoot ideas we’d previously been talking of.

She’s an individual setting trends, and seeks out the honesty in people yet also the unseen. Kassia is no stranger to the lens, a very successful longboard professional for the past 9 years, Having spend so much time in front of the lens, she’s now decided to step behind the lens, taking with her the knowledge and passion to shoot some pretty rad stuff.

Kassia has a hard work ethic, evident of all her career accomplishments, but she also believes in having fun.

Read the LomoAmigo Interview with Candice and be sure to follow and feedback the LomoPeople series.

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  1. bigphilly808
    bigphilly808 ·

    handsdown my FAVORITE surfer :-) She takes longboarding style & grace to another level...so glad you wrote this!!

  2. marshall4480
    marshall4480 ·

    Toes on the nose!

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