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Being a Lomographer, you may always have a camera with you, maybe a notebook as well. A tiny notebook can record your sudden fantastic idea, jot down the contact of new friends, and hold the instant photos you just shot! If you’d like to buy one, how about make one by yourself? Let’s make a unique “Lomo Wall Notebook”!

What could best represent you are your own photos, so it would be great to make a Lomo Wall to be your notebook cover. Well…… is it bringing a sizable “wall” like the one at home every day? No! We are making a “Mini Lomo Wall” this time. The material is very environmental friendly. That’s to recycle your mountains of “photo index” sheets!

After you develop a roll of film in lab, you would probably be given a photo index sheet. The index sheets have no further uses, but it’s hard for me to throw my own works even they are small thumbnails only. It becomes the best material for a “Mini Lomo Wall”. You need about 5 – 6 sheets to be an A6-sized notebook cover. For better result, take those without numbers overlapped. And select the ones from the same lab to ensure the size of thumbnails is identical. If you like to make some pattern, just pick those with obvious colour distortion. (e.g. e to c of Sensia 100, Provia 100, Agfa CT100, Velvia 100.)

Let’s start now!

Photo index sheet X 5-6 , 100g A4 paper X 9, 220g A4 paper (better to be black one) X 1, transparent sticker X 1 ft, binding screws (10mm size) X 2
Puncher, cutter, scissor, cutting mat, tissue paper, double side tape, ruler
(It takes about 2 – 3 hours for the whole process.)


Step 1:

  • Split 8 sheets of 100g A4 paper in 4 equal quarters with cutter (each one is 105mm X 148.5mm). Split 220g paper into 2 halves (each one is 210mm X 148.5mm). Fold along center and these will be the cover and rear cover.
  • Pick one piece of paper. Fold along center slightly and punch (to ensure symmetrical holes). Referencing to the width of thumbnail and punch at center. It’s because the punch locating on the first column looks better (Please refer to Step 1-a)
  • Use this paper to be the template and punch for the others, cover and rear cover as well.

Step 2:

  • Cut the photo index into strips with cutter.
  • Stick double side tape at the back of each strip.
  • Separate the thumbnails with scissor and pile them according to colour. It would ease your work if you’d like to make patterns.

Step 3:

  • Stick the photo thumbnails on cover paper. I use only landscape photos this time.
  • Stick until it covers the folded line and then turn to the next roll. (As the size will be slightly different when cutting. There will be gaps within, so it’s better to user black paper. I haven’t been aware about that beforehand, so the demonstration is using a white one.)
  • Fill the whole cover with thumbnails.

Step 4:

  • Cut out 170mm X 150mm of transparent sticker, which should be larger than the Lomo Wall area. The sticker is to fix the thumbnails, or you will drop some after a few days.
  • Peel a little corner of back paper and stick on the Lomo Wall. While you peel more and more, rub on the sticker with a tissue paper left and right repeatedly to avoid bubbles underneath.
  • Cut a square at corner and wrap backward. (Please refer to Step 4-c)
  • With the aid of ruler, folder the cover paper (with some “force”). Remember to punch again.

Step 5: (Make a little bag for holding instant photos. May skip if you don’t want this add-on)

  • Split a 100g A4 paper in 2 halves with cutter (each one is 210mm X 148.5mm). Take one half to folder along center line. Cut 3cm on one side and the other side punched. This is the bag body. Take the other half and cut 2 pieces of paper sized 60mm X 105mm. Make accordion fold with 8 folds for each paper. (Please refer to Step 5-a.)
  • Stick 2 outer-most folds with double side tape to link up both sides of bag body.
  • You now have a little bag for instant photos!

Step 6:

  • Unscrew the binding screw. It is composed of top part and bottom part (This is a 10mm sized one. There are longer ones for binding thicker book.)
  • Pile all parts accordingly, the cover, 100g paper, little bag and rear cover. Pass the punches of all contents with the bottom of screw. Then screw on the upper part. Repeat this for the other punch position.


With this “Lomo Wall Notebook”, you could record daily stuff, be the topic with new friends and bring along the precious memory in photos every day. And the most important thing is the satisfaction of making this notebook! There is only ONE on earth, made with your own Lomographs. Being a physical notebook, the texture that you can feel and touch is irreplaceable, even though it could not be as perfect as those mass manufactured or electronic appliances. Anyway it is your own creation!

Try this out!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments and I will try my best to help! : D

written by singleelderly on 2011-02-21 #gear #tutorials #tipster #lomo-wall #handicraft #photo-index #top-tipster-techniques
translated by singleelderly


  1. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    I dig this a ton

  2. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    This is SO amazing!

  3. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Really nice article, and great details, and lovely photos to go along with the explanations! I wish I wasn't so lazy so I can actually make a notebook :/ lol

  4. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Right on @awesomesther. Im sooooooo lazy haha.

  5. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    I did it! Well, just the cover part, I didn't make a whole new notebook. But it was fun :)

    Inspired by singleederly


  6. sixty
    sixty ·

    でも日本のインデックスシートって番号入っちゃうんだよね 残念ー。

  7. singleelderly
    singleelderly ·

    Thanks all! : )
    @natalieerachel: I love your notebook very much! : D

  8. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    awesome tips! :D

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