RECAP: PhoJOGraphy with Lomography: A Lomojog with Greg Ash & Natalie Earl

Last Saturday, 14 brave souls ventured across 3 big London parks dressed head to tow in retro spandex, lycra, sweatbands and armed with cameras. Huffs and puffs and star jumps later, they all collapse in the shop but not before silly poses and high fives.

RECAP: PhoJOGraphy with Lomography: A Lomojog with Greg Ash & Natalie Earl

A success this first jog tunred out to be but don’t take our word for it… have a look at the photos and you’ll regret not having come along (BUT fret not, we’ll have a second PhoJOGraphy Lomojog come spring!).

Greg’s point of view:

And so it was that I found myself stood wearing painfully tiny Fred Perry shorts by Big Ben at 9.45am on a Saturday morning for the inaugural Lomography phoJOGraphy event. With London fashions as they are I was a little unsure of which of the neon and retro clothes wearing passers-by were actually there for the run. But, with the help of my partner in lycra Natalie Earl, we soon gathered our budding fitness freaks, and after handing out the sweatbands, fake moustaches, and leading a very important stretch off we set along St. James Park.

We looked quite a sight… 14 brightly coloured joggers branded with Lomography stickers, and brandishing all kinds of weird and wonderful cameras. The emphasis was much more on ‘fun’ rather than ‘run’ and we stopped every few minutes to let people catch up, and snap away to their hearts content. Our route took us up though St. James, Green Park and Hyde Park, passing royal guards, pigeons, Buckingham Palace, and lots of bemused tourists.

After a good hour and a half of jogging, star jumps, and high fives, we felt we had earned to right to an Ice Cream. Hungrily licking our cones, we trudged back along Oxford Street towards the store, tired, but spirits high. Hopefully it will be the first of many!

Check out the pictures!

Join us!

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