Timescan with the Spinner

Timescan, a great technique you can do with the spinner, crazy portraits and capture movement

You get used to being behind the camera, but with the spinner all this changes, you are now part of the photo, and thanks to its panoramic 360 ° you’re forced to change the partial view and makes you aware of the full environment, and although you learn to see what and/or how will the picture on the camera without a viewfinder, with the spinner is more difficult for the large area covered, it is great to see 360 degrees of flat, the horizon is deformed and create new lines.

From the techniques I tried some. One that surprised me most is the Timescan. The idea is to let the camera still and move only the handle manually. If the object you are targeting is still, in the photo looks as if stretched, and if the object is moving at the same speed and direction as the rotation of the camera, the object will appear in focus and the background stretched. The movement of the camera is very important, because if you don’t do it fluidly the photos will appear with white lines.

Portraits turn out amazing with this technique. The eyes, nose and mouth become lines but you can still see the face in all that mess.

Another great thing is to be able to capture the movement, different types of movement actually at the same time, you can freeze some and let others blurry.

This pictures are my first attempt and I really happy with the results. I’ll keep doing it.

written by coca on 2010-09-10 #gear #tutorials #camera #freeze #movement #action #tipster #portraits #quickie-tipster #spinner #timescan

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