Mount Baldy

Nestled an hour outside of Los Angeles, Mount Baldy is a beautiful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. It’s a great escape all year ’round and has many hiking trails that range in difficulty. It has a little something for any adventurist with a camera.

Mount Baldy is a great destination to take your friend and grab your camera. It’s a go to place when you need to get away from the chaos of city life and is a beautiful place to get back to nature. There are a lot of different trails, a ski lift, a tubing resort, and much more. As well, you might come across the man made river and fish pond, which are other great places to get some vintage looking shots.

It’s also a relaxing place to cruise around with your best friend in the passenger seat next to you on a Spring day. The roads are endless and ribbon around the mountains and valleys, just roll down those windows and let the cool breeze whip through your hair while you snap away with your camera. Strategically, there are many road stops where you can park the car and get out if you see something extra special to capture. If you visit during the winter, make sure to grab your sleds and skis and enjoy a fun snowy adventure and then grab a hot chocolate at one of the various lodge restaurants there.

Most importantly, embrace the natural wonders of Mt. Baldy and snap away at all of the wonders you will come across.

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