Spinner Time Scan Technique


This technique is for those willing to be patient, daring, and experimental! A new way to take a photograph with your spinner, a mind boggling result sure to make you say “Woaaaaaaa!”

So we all know the Lomography Spinner 360 takes a picture of everything around you, but what if you wanted to take a picture of something right in front of you and nothing else around it?

Then it’s time you knew about the time scan technique!
On four frames, have your subject scanned by the Lomography Spinner 360!
Before I go on telling you how to do this I’ll describe the setting of the image in this tipster, it was taken in my bedroom, at midnight, the lighting condition was just one circular fluorescent light.
Furthermore, if you plan to do this technique in a similar setting as mine, here’s what you need:
- Flexible hands
- Colorsplash flash ;)

The idea is to take a photograph of one object/subject in a 360 rotation. If in a similar setting to the photograph above, here’s the time scan technique:
Step 1: Remember where the ring cord is placed because that will be your mark as the start and finish.
Step 2: Set the aperture to cloudy.
Step 3: Place one hand on the handle, and the other hand will hold the upper part of the Spinner 360. Also, find a way to hold the colorsplash flash in your hand on the upper part of the Spinner 360, and a finger on the flash fire/test button.
Step 4: Start rotating the handle clockwise (click by click) and count a second or two, then advance to the next click.
Step 5: Fire the flash each time you are able to!

Notice that in the picture that the face is only showing it’s left side, so do keep in mind to change the angle of your Spinner 360 or the subject.
Also, if you are doing the Time scan technique outdoors during the light of day, it gets much easier than doing this indoors!
Step 1: Set the aperture accordingly
Step 2: Have one hand on the upper part of the Spinner 360, and aim it at your subject
Step 3: Have the other hand (or a strangers hand) pull the cord, and done!

The images produced by this technique is definitely different, it takes on a whole new point of view! Let’s see what you want to time scan ‘panoramically’, shoot it, and share it with us! This is just one of the ways we roll, have fun and time scan!

written by cinzinc on 2010-09-10 #gear #tutorials #35mm #long-exposure #panorama #camera #tipster #technique #colorsplash-flash #spinner-360

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