Ensenada, Guerrero Negro and Mulegé - Holiday trip with Handicaps


In 2008 we decided to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Mulegé – a small town in Mexico, located on the Gulf of California. Some friends told us there are wonderful beaches and not too many tourists. Well, as we were located in Ensenada, Baja California, the trip down to Mulegè should take two days. It took us four.

Have you ever bumped into a cow? We did. Five hours after we started our trip into the New Year’s holidays, this hard-bitten animal crossed the road, and because the driver was blinded by the sundown, he didn’t see it. Our car was damaged (the air cooler left water), the night come over, and don’t think, than anybody stop in the Mexican desert if you want to hitch-hike. At the moment as the police car came to a stop and asked us how they can help us, we started to love police.

We took a room in a small motel in Guerrero Negro, three hours from the accident location. Next two days we had to manage service car and replacement vehicle. (By the way, we made also a wale watching tour in this time…)

Yes, we still wanted to go to Mulegé.

Was it worthwhile? Yes! Not only the sea, lonely and paradisaical beaches, not only all the pelicans and the sun, but first and foremost the cacti!! I must admit, for a Russian people, grown up in a big city, all of this stuff was as curious as unforgettable.

Have you ever been in cactus jungle? If you want, you should travel there…

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