Vignettes of My Friends' Wedding


My friends asked me to cover their wedding in “lomo”. I was also a secondary sponsor so it was a bit challenging. I had to be discrete so I used my LC-A+ and a couple of Fuji slides to get the job done.

I wanted to title the article something tacky as “my best friends’ wedding” (yes both bride and groom are my friends so the apostrophe is in the right place) but decided on a simpler title. Honestly they are good friends and we share several things in common.

We met in a badminton court over a year ago. One time, my friend brought his Canon 400D and I showed him my LC-A+. Before you know it, he and his girlfriend were hooked into film photography. So I introduced him to crossprocessing, redscaling, and to a photolab that develops and scans film slides.

Since then, we’ve been going out to shooting sorties and photowalks, armed with both our DSLRs and film cameras. We have been exchanging film cameras as well. I gave them my Kiev 35 and Minolta Uniomat RF and they gave me a Yashica Mat TLR (my first ever TLR!). It was a good mutual relationship.

When they tied the knot a month ago, they asked me to shoot the wedding in “lomo”. The also asked me to be the candle sponsor. I agreed to doing both. The veil sponsor beside also brought his Canon G10 and I showed him my LC-A+. He smiled. And we bought started shooting pictures. His battery ran out before I finished my roll. I didn’t bring my Colosplash flash because I didn’t want to interfere and ruin the photos of the “offical” photographers but most of my photos were grainy and underexposed. I guess my friends expected those results.

Like all weddings, the atmosphere was charged with emotion and many tears of joy were shed. Hopefully the photos, be it saturated, grainy or off-color, would bring back those happy memories. I look forward to being part happy events like this one and capturing it in film wouldn’t hurt.

written by stitch on 2011-05-18 #lifestyle #sensia #wedding #fuji #provia #lca


  1. naqi
    naqi ·

    lovely photos!

  2. renenob
    renenob ·

    I wish my wedding was caught on lomo. 25th aniv maybe.

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