Who Says Lomography Can't Tackle Sports?


As the rules stated : Take your camera everywhere you go. Well, I am taking it everywhere and I bring it to stadiums too! We might not have those long lenses and 1/5000 shutter speeds but we’ve got the spunk to take great photographs!

Different people have different ideas and perspectives on everything they look into. As for me, I see Lomography as a medium to promote and to know better the ‘culture’ of sports. Enthusiasm, passion, sweat, tiresome, energy. Those are common words that are related to sports. Lomography brings another meaning to sports: creativity. Take your camera everywhere and shoot all the action and the adrenaline. Even you can sweat under the blazing heat of the glaring sun! And.. should I relate Lomography to exercising too?

What are you waiting for? Search for fliers of sports tournaments and competitions, bring your cameras, load them with films, start sweating!

written by mimjamil on 2010-10-29 #lifestyle #sports-stadiums-lifestyle-youth-active-cycling-soccer


  1. kyelin13
    kyelin13 ·

    Are those shots from Malaysia cause they seem pretty familliar?XD

  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Yes!! I shot sport events with my lomo cameras too :)))

  3. biergoggles
    biergoggles ·

    I started to photography my brother's ultimate games. Adds a great new and different prospective.

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