The Bridges to Wayne, Alberta


This is a story of crossing eleven bridges in 6 kilometres and discovering the hamlet of Wayne – population 27. Wayne is a hamlet in the Canadian province of Alberta. Once home to thousands of coal miners and residents who worked in support of this industry, now home to 27, according to the changeable sign near the saloon.

In a short 6 kilometre stretch between Wayne and the main highway, you will find yourself crossing 11 one way bridges spanning the winding Rosebud River. The mining industry has been gone for over 50 years, and live music events at the Last Chance Saloon in the Rosedeer Hotel seem to be the only draw in this quiet canyon.

Each bridge is marked with a handpainted number, from 1 to 11… maybe to help a wayward traveler remember how much further to the bar??

The badlands canyon provides distracting scenery on all sides as you venture between crossings. Be sure to watch for oncoming traffic, as there won’t be room for two of you on the bridge!

We drove into the gravel lot at the Rosedeer Hotel to witness last night’s entertainment packing their belongings into the cargo van.

A little more than a one hour drive northeast of Calgary, if you’re heading to the popular destination of Drumheller, it’s worth the side trip to Wayne.

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